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  • WHO Director General Tedros Adhonum Gabriaceous warns that the epidemic is going to be long-lived
  • According to a report, African-American citizens have died three times more than whites in the US.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 08:11 AM IST

Washington. So far, 50 lakh 85 thousand 66 people have been infected in the world. 20 lakh 21 thousand 843 are cured. The figure of deaths has been 3 lakh 29 thousand 721. According to the WHO, 1 lakh 6 thousand cases of infection have been reported in 24 hours. WHO Director General Tedros Adhonum Gabriaceous warned that the epidemic is going to be with us for a long time.

Tedros has expressed concern over increasing cases of this infection in low and middle income countries. Also said that the number of people affected worldwide is much more infected. Because many investigation reports have not come yet.

Coronavirus: 10 most affected countries

Country How infected How many deaths How well
America 15,91,991 94,994 3,70,076
Russia 3,08,705 2,972 85,392
Brazil 2,93,357 18,894 1,16,683
Spain 2,79,524 27,888 1,96,958
Britain 2,48,293 35,704 Not available
Italy 2,27,364 32,320 1,32,282
France 1,81,575 28,132 63,354
Germany 1,78,531 8,270 1,56,900
Turkey 1,52,587 4,222 1,13,987
Iran 1,26,949 7,183 98,808

These data are taken from
America: 1561 killed in one day.
In the US, 1561 people have lost their lives in 24 hours and 21 thousand 408 cases have been reported. The death toll in the country has been 94 thousand 994, while 15 lakh 91 thousand 991 have been infected. At the same time, after two months of shutdown, 50 states are now slowly being opened. On Wednesday, Connecticut became the first state to open its own restaurant and shops with some conditions. However, many states are still confused about the opening of the economy due to the transition.

Trump threatens to stop funding Michigan and Nevada province
US President Donald Trump has threatened to withhold funding from the provinces of Michigan and Nevada over planning to vote via mail in the election. Trump tweeted- Michigan is illegally sending blank ballot papers to millions. At the same time, Nevada is creating an atmosphere of widespread fraud by sending illegal votes by ballot papers. However, Michigan Secretary of State Joslin Benson denied the allegations. He tweeted, “Every citizen of Michigan has exercised their franchise via mail.

US President Donald Trump talking to Kansas and Arkansas governors about Corona.

Black people die 3 times more than whites in America
According to the APM Research Lab, African-American people have died three times more in Europe than whites. The lab made this data public on Wednesday. It is named 'Color of Coronavirus'. African Americans have a mortality rate of 50.3 per million population in the US. Whites are 20.7, Latin Americans 22.9 and Asian Americans 22.7. One out of every 2000 population has died from Corona.

South Africa: Two-day-old child dies
A two-day-old newborn died in South Africa. The Ministry of Health said on Wednesday, “The unfortunate country has recorded the death of an infant before Corona. She was born prematurely. The mother of the newborn is Corona positive and the child was also found infected.” Now 18,003 people have been affected in South Africa and 339 have died.

Argentina: 474 new cases of Corona
In Argentina, 474 new cases have been confirmed in 24 hours. The number of infected in the country now stands at 9283. 10 people also died due to infection. With this, the number of dead has increased to 403. A day earlier, 438 cases of the epidemic were reported here and nine people died.

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