Somewhere the joy of victory, somewhere the struggle for homecoming; The bones of the loser of Corona in Rajasthan are also buried in the dirt | Somewhere the joy of victory, somewhere the struggle for homecoming; The bones of the loser of Corona in Rajasthan are also buried in the dirt

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:06 AM IST

new Delhi. The exodus of laborers continues between lockdowns in the coronary. At the same time, the figure of those who defeated Corona is constantly increasing. On the face of those who beat the corona, there is a joy of victory, because of this, the losers are not having any luck on their shoulders. In Pali, Rajasthan, there was a worse deal with an infected person. After the death, the last rites of the deceased were performed at the electrical crematorium. After this, his bones were dug in a dirt of polluted river from JCB and buried.

Flowers showered on patients shifted in the evening in Chandigarh

On Wednesday, the PGI shifted 44 Corona-positive patients with no symptoms under the new discharge policy to Sood Dharamshala in Sector-22. Kaira, a 6-month-old baby girl, was among those leaving the Kovid Center. While leaving, the doctor said goodbye to something like this.

Relaxed in the eyes

Every day a large number of laborers are leaving for their state in Raipur Shramik Special trains. Food and water are being provided to the laborers at Raipur railway station. There is fatigue on the face of the workers, but there is also a comfort that they will soon reach their homes. The picture is of Raipur railway station. However, precautions are being taken in this too. Water is being given from a distance, so that there is no risk of infection. The workers are also taking precautions.

Do not burn daughter's feet in the scorching sun …

A 5-year-old girl, Diksha, from Rani, a woman going to Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh, broke into a bus while traveling in a bus from Jind to Rohtak. When Rohtak railway station had to be lined up, the feet of the girl started burning in the sun, then the mother Rani took off her slippers and dressed the daughter, herself walking barefoot in the sun and went inside the station to the train. At that time, the daytime temperature was around 40 degrees. Photo | Sumit Kumar

Bride on bullet in lockdown

In lockdown people are marrying without band-less simplicity. Avinash was married to Jujhar Nagar in Patiala. Avinash, without any band and musical instruments, reached Barungar with five close friends. There was an amusement at the gurdwara with Amandeep Kaur. He then took a procession with Bulut to wife Lata. Only 12 people from both sides attended the wedding. Photo-Ajay Sharma

Note … Do not sit on the cross seat, create distance

The picture is of Batala. Nearly two months later, public bus services in Punjab, which were closed due to curfew, started operating on 80 routes with full safety parameters from Wednesday. Buses of Punjab Roadways and Pepsu Road Transport Corporation (PRTC) were run on selected routes leaving the Containment Zone. Where doctors were thoroughly examined at the bus stand, cross marks were placed on the seats kept vacant to ensure 50% ride.
This death is scary

City Council employee burying the ashes of the corona-positive deceased by digging a pit from the JCB amidst the dirt accumulated at one place in the Pali's Bandi river. Bhaskar has the videos and fates of this sting.
Family dependent on jugaad

From Jalandhar, Punjab, the family set out on a bike-driven streetcar to go to Shahjahanpur in UP. The family had reached near the Dapehar Cantt Bridge on Wednesday at 4 am.

Line of unloading in Punjab …

Most of the laborers have returned to their states due to Corona. It also has an impact on the loading-unloading happening in FCI warehouses. There is also a huge shortage of workers here due to migration. FCI has godowns near the new vegetable market in Pathankot. Paddy and wheat are brought here from Dana mandis across the state. At present, wheat is being brought from the mandis by trucks, but due to shortage of laborers in the godowns, unloading is going very slow. This led to jam on trucks carrying wheat at 100 Footi Road.

Those who did not get tickets are also boarding trains without screening.

Boundary Jumping Workers near Nilgiri jump over a railway track of six to seven feet high and climb into slow moving trains.

Liquor shops rested in silence

Liquor shops opened in Ranchi after 57 days. But there was silence in these shops from morning till evening. However, it was anticipated that when the shops would open after so many days, then the crowd would swell like other cities. In view of this, police forces were deployed outside all the shops, but this happened exactly the opposite.

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