Gwalior News in Hindi: Despite the ban, shopkeepers selling gutkha and tobacco in earning | Despite the ban, shopkeepers selling gutkha and tobacco in earning

  • Openly selling smoking material in Dinara Nagar

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 08:27 AM IST

Shivpuri. Following the Corona case in the district, smoking has been banned in shops, including gutkha, tobacco. Even after this, black marketing of gutkha, tobacco, bidi, cigarettes is happening on a large scale in the town. The situation is that Gutkha dealers are selling secretly from the warehouse to the retailers, who are selling it to the customer for 4 to 5 times the price.
The situation is that even after the ban, traders' profits in lockdown have increased two-fold compared to the normal day. Earlier tobacco eaters used to get 80 to 100 rupees per kg, which is now available in black at the rate of 1 thousand to 1500 rupees per kg. The 185 packet of Rajshree is getting from 900 to 1000 i.e. Rs 20 to Rs 80 to 100. Similarly, 5 rupee cigarettes are being sold for 20 rupees and 10 rupees for 40 rupees. Not only this, even after getting such a high price, people have to make many recommendations. Then they are able to get gutkha, bidi.

Gutkha is coming from Uttar Pradesh on a large scale
Shopkeepers in the area have run out of old stock of pan masala, but the night administration does not check the trains coming from UP, Orai, Chirgaon, MP, Mauranipur, Prithvipur, Gwalior from private vehicles stolen at night. The content of is being brought. In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of the administration to take action against the consignees of gutkha chewing by seizing the consignment of the goods that come with it. Along with this, the guerrilla operations at the godowns and houses of the big dealers should be done well. The ban is still prohibited by the government on both eating and selling Rupan masala. But traders in Dinara are selling them easily.

Gutkha is buying at expensive prices
According to Dharm Singh Yadav, Rural Dinara, shopkeepers are selling gutkha for more than five times the price, they refuse to give gutkha when they say the price of gutkha is right.
We will take action
According to Jyoti Lakshkar, Naib Tehsildar, if someone is selling gutkha and tobacco, then inform us, we will take action.

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