In a village in Kashi, two people are quarantine on a boat, go under the cask bridge in the sun, cook the stove on it and cook it. | In a village in Kashi, two people are quarantine on a boat, go under the cask bridge in the sun, cook the stove on it and cook it.

  • About 150 people have come to the village from Mumbai and other states, people have quarantined themselves somewhere along the river, somewhere in the fields and elsewhere
  • Earlier, the estimated six-seven quintals of fish were sold daily, about 80 Nishad families of this village have a total of 100 boats in the Ganges.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 09:03 AM IST

Varanasi. Dainik Bhaskar's Journalist has gone from Bombay to Banaras. On the same route from where millions of people have started walking towards their villages. Barefoot, on foot, on bicycles, on trucks, and in vehicles. In any case, they want to go home, after all in difficult times, we go home only. We are bringing alive stories of those paths to you. Keep reading…

The 15th report, from the village of Sailor population Kathy:

Kuldeep Nishad alias Kallu and Pappu Nishad alias Bheda have been quarantined on separate boats along the Ganges. Both have returned from Mehsana in Gujarat. According to village head Ajay Yadav, both worked at the sugarcane juice shop. Due to the lockdown, his job was lost, then he came to Ghazipur before Ahmedabad and then Varanasi from there.

Kallu alias Kuldeep Nishad, who has come to his village from Gujarat, says that the owner of his 22-day 6-thousand-pay Juice Center did not give up and now he has to stay on this foot after returning from the city.

Kallu has been quarantine on his family's boat on the banks of the Ganges for 9-10 days. During the day when the sun is not tolerated, take the boat under the large pontoon nearby, there is little shade.

Some pots were seen on the pontoon bridge on the Ganges river. On asking, Kallu said, he is my vessel. I make my own food by putting cowherd on the keg itself and eat it on it as well. I come in my boat at night and sometimes take the boat away in the river Ganges and entertain me.

However, Kallu has undergone thermal screening first in Mahesana and later in Varanasi. His medical report is normal. Pappu Nishad, like Kallu, is quarantine in the boat. It is said that he was dying for lentils and bread in Mahesana. Here the family and the people of the village help in the village. The government will also give something to the sailors, will we not?

Pappu Nishad is also quarantine at the feet. They say, I have a small boat. Now I want to do fishing in the village. But fishing and fishing is still prohibited. Now where will lentils and bread come from?

Two hours ago a 40-year-old man from Mumbai was taken by the administration. It is being told that he is a patient of Kovid-19. The local police has sealed his entire locality. There are about 100 houses in this locality. Jhabban, standing at the mouth of the locality, says that about 150 people from the village have come from Mumbai and other states. People have quarantined themselves.

The person standing on the terrace is Bhola Pratap Verma. These are also in the home quarantine.

Jhamman Yadav of the village says that the government has not made proper arrangements for quarantine. People are not sure on the system of government. Rather they think that they will be turned upside down and corona in the quarantine centers created by the government. Therefore, as it is understood, he is living there. The families are not even keeping the visitors from outside and these people are also running away from the family.

Jhaman says that TV has created such an atmosphere against the people coming from Mumbai that even the villagers do not want them to stay in the village. Hence the fields are living on barns and ghats.

People who have returned from outside have built their huts somewhere on the banks of the river, somewhere in the fields, and elsewhere. In these huts, they have to remain quarantine for 14 days.

The village of Kathy is situated at the confluence of the Ganges-Gomti. The majority of the population here is sailors. This village is also famous because of the Markandeya Mahadev Temple. When our driver Raju brought us to this village through the winding streets of Banaras, people were staring at us by seeing the number of Maharashtra on the car. In the village, 40-year-old Omprakash Rajbhar, from Mankhurd in Mumbai, has been found corona positive.

In Kathy Gram Panchayat, 1500 people belong to the Mallah (fishermen) community. Before lockdown, these people used to fish and sell them in the market. But these days his condition is very bad.

45-year-old Godhan Nishad is considered a very respected person in the village seafarers. He says, before the Corona epidemic in our village, about six-seven quintals of fish were caught and sold daily. About 80 Nishad families of this village have a total of 100 boats in the Ganges. Now a large number of people are migrating to the village. If the government comes forward in the crisis of this lockdown to help the fishermen, the new generation will also be attracted to it and the migration of village seafarers will stop.

A little work is going on to build Kathy Ghat out of this village. Sanjit Singh, a resident of Agra, is living in a thatched hut with four people nearby. It says' I am a resident of Agra, Corona conditions are very bad in Agra. Work is going on along the river here, but the villages are in the red zone in Kathy and Benaras, so we four people live in this deserted river. Have made thatched huts, cooking food on the stove.

Sanjeet is living on the banks of the river away from her family at the behest of her mother.

Sanjeet says that his mother says that they should go to a lonely place along the river, so they are staying where they thought it right to avoid Corona. Sanjeet says that we do not even let the villagers come here.

Read the rest of the news of this 1500 km journey of Bhaskar Reporters with workers from Bombay to Banaras:

Banaras Live Photos from Bombay / Select pictures telling stories of people walking their home barefoot, on foot, on bicycles, on trucks and in vehicles

First news: If it is difficult to stand in the queue at 40 ° temperature, then put the bag in the line, 1500 workers engaged in the line for the bus from four in the morning.

Second news: 2800 km away on a bicycle to Assam, measuring 90 km every day, will arrive in a month

Third news: Arriving 200 km from Mumbai, the driver said and give the money, refused, the vehicle stood on the side and slept, waiting since noon.

Fourth news: Maharashtra government, dumping the people of UP-Bihar in buses on MP border, had gathered more than 6000 workers in a temple here all night

Fifth news: Praveen, sitting in a crowd of thousands, has taken ninth month and can have a child anytime, he has not drank water since morning so that urine does not come.

Sixth news: Walking a few km short, so Rafiq stands on the highway after Namaz in the morning and shows the pedestrians an easy path

Seventh news: 60% have left for the auto-taxi village, we all will not return for six-eight months, never return, but loan that has to be repaid

Eighth news: foot laborers not seen after MP; From the road which prevented the entry of Raksa, from now on people are filling 400 buses everyday and sending people to the districts

Ninth news: We are just going to tell the mother that we have not corona, showing the mother the shape, then we will return

Tenth news: Policemen came to see the vehicle parked on the way, the police came, asked if there was no puncture, otherwise they open the shop, then instructed to put on masks and slow the car.

Eleventh news: Damodar, who arrived in Jhansi from Panipat, says – I definitely came to the village, but it was easy to come with the wife's corpse, because I had the corpse with me

Twelfth news: People are afraid of us in the village, no one is coming to us, even though we have been tested and we do not have corona, the villagers have made a hua

Thirteenth news: They see rusted loom machines, some tangled thread flakes in the garbage; It is said that once we were Seth, then we became laborers, now what will happen after returning to the village

Fourteenth news: village Rustampur is the hotspot of Corona in Banaras, the family members of the only positive patient come to give him food in the quarantine center when the villagers cheat

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