Indore News in Hindi: Indore Lockdown News Bike riding miscreants looted the guard's gun | The guards going on duty from the bicycle were kicked and beaten by bike riders, beaten and snatched away the gun.

  • Bike rider gang is in constant panic, accused still away from police's hold
  • The accused pulled the chain of old in Bhanwarkuan, looted the mobile in Gurunanak Colony

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 12:04 PM IST

Indore. The bike-ridden gang continues to panic, but the police fail to catch them. Late night bike miscreants beat a security guard on duty on a bicycle and looted a gun. Police is talking about investigation in the case.

According to the aerodrome police, 45-year-old Suresh Pal, who lives in Durga Nagar, has lodged a robbery report. Suresh told the police that he used to go to duty at a Godha trader in Gandhi Nagar from 10 pm. On Tuesday night, he was going to duty with his bicycle via Chota Bangarda. He had reached in front of the Tirumalaal tower that two miscreants riding on the bike kicked his bicycle. When Suresh fell, the miscreant sitting on the bike started beating him. By then the rogue driving the bike landed and snatched the gun from the guard.

The guard says that he could not see much since it was dark, but was constantly screaming for help. During this, the crooks ran away with guns. According to the guard, a crook had a beard. He comes by this route every day, maybe the miscreants took care of it and looted it as soon as he came to a secluded place on the way.

Don't get caught
On Tuesday night, bike riding miscreants pulled the chain of old lady walking in Bhanwarkuan, robbed a mobile in Gurunanak Colony a few days ago, looted delivery boy in Barathi Colony with a knife and also looted a young man on the Super Corridor. The police have not been able to catch the crook in any incident yet.

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