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  • Entrepreneurs associated with Union Minister Nitin Gadkari from cities of Punjab in a webinar organized by IMSME Delhi
  • So far 2122 people have been confirmed corona infection in Punjab, 44 died and more than 1700 cured

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 12:44 PM IST

Jalandhar / Patiala. So far 2122 people have been confirmed corona infection in Punjab. Of these, 44 died, while more than 1700 have been cured. On the other hand to break the transition chain, the state continues to have curfew at night and normal lockdown by day with nationwide lockdown. On Thursday, on the fourth day of the fourth phase of lockdown, strictures of administration have come out from many places in the state. Buses operated throughout the state except 6 routes of Faridkot on Wednesday, today buses were operated. Although the ridership was negligible. Today, bus services continue in other states as well. The number of riders is also expected to increase.
Praised the package of 20 lakh crores, but did not say the way of giving relief
In a webinar organized by IMSME Delhi, in a direct interaction with Union Minister Nitin Gadkari from the cities of Punjab, the entrepreneurs appreciated the government's package of 20 lakh crore, but did not justify the way of giving relief. The entrepreneurs sought 25 percent relief to the micro industry, 20 to the small scale, 15 to the medium scale industry and 10 percent to the large. He said that we are already taking loans, during this time we need relief not loans. If the industry is to come out of crisis, then we should be given a loan without interest for two years. Also, during the bandh, bank interest should be given for three months and contribute to EPF.
Visiting Police Hospital, praised Dental Chair, Eye Testing, Critical Care Monitor
Patiala: Director General of Police Dinkar Gupta today honored those who performed better duties during the Corona epidemic reaching Patiala. IG Patiala Range Jatidar Singh Aulakh welcomed DGP in the city. The DGP then honored four SPs, two DSPs, police line doctors, three inspectors, 10 sub-inspectors, six ASIs, five havildars, six constables and market committee personnel with DGP command discs and certificates. He then visited the Police Hospital located at Police Line and praised the Dental Chair, Eye Testing, Critical Care Monitor and said that this model should be implemented across the state.

Ludhiana: After 7 o'clock in the city, medicine or other essential items are not available, but alcohol is available all night. On Wednesday, even late in the evening, police personnel were cutting the challans of the people who came out on the streets. At the same time, contracts were opened in Jamalpur area till around 8.15 am. Among those who were closed, liquor was being sold secretly. The shutter was down, the lights were on inside. People were being sold liquor through holes in the side of the shutter. However, DETC Pawan Garg says that the teams are checking it. Action will be taken if liquor contracts open even after the scheduled time.

Batala: SHO Paramjit Singh laid a special barrier on City Road. Challans of about 30 people were cut off when the drivers did not follow the rules. SHO Paramjit Singh said that the youth were found to be doing triple riding on motorcycles during the Nak. They were stopped and challans were cut. In fact, on Wednesday, District Batala Police Chief Upinderjit Singh issued an order that the drivers should take special care of the rules. Otherwise action will be taken against them.

Jalandhar: Retail pods are going to be set up again in Maqsoodan vegetable market. After the intervention of MLA Baba Henry, ADCP Sudarvili along with SDM Rahul Sindhu, District Mandi Officer Davindra Singh and factional leaders Mahendrajit Singh Shanti, Inderjit Singh Nagra, Rachpal Babbu in the presence of the adhatis including 400 pods on vegetable-even formula But an agreement has been reached. The Market Board made it clear that 200 vendors who set the first day's fund cannot come to the market the next day.

Amritsar: Some private schools in the district have started adding similar expenses. The complaint of 30 such schools has reached the office of Education Minister Vijayindra Singla and District Education Officer. DEO Satinderbir Singh has handed over the investigation to Deputy District Education Officer Rajesh Sharma. If the complaints are found to be correct, then the recognition of schools may be canceled. 14 schools have also sent their clarification.
Parents protested against a private school manager at Sultan Wind Road. At the same time, the owner of a private school in Majitha Road warns parents to go on indefinite strike. The school owner reached the police station Sadar and demanded security. Police has also informed this to higher officials of the Education Department.

Pathankot: The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh unit working on the Ranjit Sagar Dam project in Pathankot submitted a memorandum to the President to the Chief Engineer SK Saluja. Chairman Ashok Sharma, Head of Department OP Verma said that it is wrong to change the labor law. The Sangh will strongly oppose it and the BJP ruled states change their decisions. At Pathankot, District Minister of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, Dinesh Gautam Virendra Kumar Praveen Kumar submitted the memorandum to ACS Pirathi Singh. He urged the President to protect the labor interests. If the hearing is not held then the trade union will also be ready to take to the streets.

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