Ujjain news in hindi: shajapur lockdown update news stoned between two side in shajapur, 6 people injured | Late night dispute between two sides in Shajapur, miscreants hurled stones at each other for 20 minutes, 6 people injured in attack

  • Incident in Nayapura locality of Kotwali police station area, controversy over anti-social elements roaming
  • The complainant got an FIR registered in Kotwali, police was looking for the accused

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 01:22 PM IST

Shajapur. In the Nayapura locality of Kotwali police station area, people of different communities came face to face late on Wednesday night. There was a big controversy and there was a huge stone pelting. About half a dozen people of Nayapura area were injured in this. On receiving the information, the Kotwali police reached the spot and tried to calm the case. Some people were also angry at the police. They said that we are in our homes. Those who came from other neighborhoods threw stones at our houses, take action on them and apprehend them.

According to the information, stones were pelted between the two sides at around 10.30 pm on Wednesday night in the Nayapura area located in Mirkala Bazar. It is being told that for about 20-25 minutes, the two sides kept throwing stones at each other's houses. Meanwhile, the policemen who reached the spot were damaged by the miscreants. However, according to TI Ajay Tiwari, the police took control of the situation even before the dispute escalated.

People expressed their displeasure at the police. Said – Those who came from another locality to stone the houses, catch them.

There was a complaint by a community that women were molested by some anti-social elements. Due to this, there was a dispute between the two sides at 10:30 pm on Wednesday night and mischievous elements threw stones at about half a dozen houses. 6 people from one side were injured in this. Police on the spot dispersed the mischievous elements. According to Kotwali TI Tiwari, the situation is under control. An FIR is being registered by sending the complainant side to Kotwali. The search for the accused is on.

People said – the youth of another locality stand here unnecessarily
People had said that some youths living in a nearby locality needlessly come and stand here, due to which we are troubled. On Wednesday, the same youths, having an opinion with their peers, threw stones at the locality. In which more than half a dozen people have been hurt. After the stone pelting, an atmosphere of panic arose in Nayapura. People sleeping in homes got up and came out.

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