Ujjain News in Hindi: After breaking the lockdown, five people appeared from the Nandigriha of Mahakaleshwar temple, the Collector removed the Assistant Administrator from the post | In lockdown, five people appeared from Nandigriha of Mahakaleshwar temple, Collector removed Assistant Administrator

  • Only priests are allowed to enter the Mahakaleshwar temple during the puja-aarti.
  • At 5 pm on Tuesday evening, five devotees were brought inside Dharamshala Gate and darshaned from Nandi Griha.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 02:58 PM IST

Ujjain The Ujjain Collector on Thursday removed the Assistant Administrator from the post of Ujjain Mahakaleshwar Temple in connection with the darshan of devotees during the lockdown. Due to the lockdown of Corona, the entry of devotees is banned in religious places across the country. The same situation is there in Mahakaleshwar temple, but on Tuesday evening, with the help of security personnel in the temple, five people were seen from Nandi Griha in front of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The matter came to the notice of the temple management committee on Wednesday. After this investigation started.

This very objectionable incident, not forgivable
Collector Ashish Singh said that this is a very objectionable matter. There is a complete lockdown and Ujjain is included in the Red Zone. In such a situation, there is a prohibition on all religious places to offer prayers to anyone other than the priest. In such a situation, this incident is not forgivable. Assistant Administrator Joshi who was also present in the temple during that time has been separated from the post of Assistant Administrator with immediate effect. At the same time, instructions have been given to the police to register a case under section 188 against all the people. If any such type of case comes forward then, along with Section-188, a case will be registered in other sections including the Pandemic Act.

Visited five devotees at 6 pm

Only priests are allowed in the Mahakaleshwar temple at the time of worship. There is a ban on entry of devotees. Due to this, at 5 pm on Tuesday, five devotees were brought inside Dharamshala Gate and had darshan from Nandi Griha. Temple managing committee chairman Ashish Singh took cognizance of the incident on Wednesday after photographs and videos went viral. The case was investigated through CCTV footage installed in the temple premises. It is being told that at the behest of the Assistant Administrative Officer of the temple, the security guard took five people to Nandi Ghar to have darshan. CCTV footage is also trying to identify these visitors.

Guard said- officer gave permission
In the interrogation of the security guard, he has named the Assistant Administrative Officer. At the behest of the officer, he took five people to the temple. No VIP is also allowed due to the entry of visitors into the lockdown.

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