Paksitan India Update | Pakistan Imran Khan Government Website News Update on Jammu Kashmir and Pakistan occupied (POK) as a part of India; All You Need To Know | Pakistan has accepted the important state of India, Jammu Kashmir, changes made in the map of the official website

  • To give information about Corona, Government of Pakistan has created a website named
  • The state of India told Jammu Kashmir through the map in this official website of the government

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 03:21 PM IST

new Delhi. Pakistan, which is constantly spreading terror in Jammu and Kashmir, is now considering it as an integral part of India. It is not us but the government of Pakistan itself. A website created by the Government of Pakistan to give information about coronavirus has been given through the map. In this, Pakistan is considered as the state of India by Jammu and Kashmir. Please tell that till now Pakistan has been describing Jammu and Kashmir as part of itself.

Pakistan started being trolled as soon as the map went viral

The website, running, describes the spread of corona through graphics. It also has a map of Pakistan, India and Nepal. Pakistan, which has always called Jammu and Kashmir as its own, has considered the state of India in this map. As soon as this map went viral, the government of Pakistan started trolling on Twitter. People said, better late than never.

India also started providing PoK temperature from 8 May
India has started forecasting the weather of Gilgit and Baltistan of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) from 8 May. In response, Pakistan also started making weather forecasts for Ladakh, Pulwama, Jammu. However, on the very first day of the beginning, Pakistan made fun of itself. Actually, Pakistan Radio tweeted about the temperature in Ladakh. In this, he wrote the maximum temperature -4 degree and the minimum temperature -1 degree. Twitter lashed out at Pakistan, saying: “This is wrong. The maximum temperature should be -1 degree and the minimum temperature should be -4 degree.” Pakistan Radio also tweeted estimates about the weather in Jammu and Pulwama.

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