Bhopal News In Hindi: Bhopal Raisen Corona Update | Coronavirus Bhopal Lockdown Extension News | Bhopal Raisen COVID Cases Area Wise Hotspot Latest News Today Updates | Bhopal's young woman turned out to be Corona positive on the third day of marriage; 32 Quarantine, including groom, family samples taken in Raisen

  • Case of Satlapur village of Mandideep, AIIMS was referred to Corona infected girl from here
  • In Raisen, 8 members of the same family coming from Indore were kept in quarantine center after investigation

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 04:33 PM IST

Bhopal / Raisen. Corona has been confirmed on the third day of marriage in a young woman from Jatkheri, Bhopal. After this, 32 people of the family including the groom groom Mandideep have been quarantined. The girl is admitted in AIIMS. She was married to a young man resident of Satlapur on Monday. The woman said that she had fever seven days ago. He got comfort by taking medicine from the neighboring doctor. Nevertheless, the family gave his sample for examination on Saturday. She got married on Monday. On Wednesday, the family called him and told him that the report had come positive. Dr. Arvind Singh Chauhan, Aubedullaganj BMO said that samples of some family members have been taken. So far 67 corona positives have been found in Raisen.

Raisen: Farmers who arrived to collect food grains put passbooks in queue
Cooperative central banks, farmers coming to Sanchi to pay their food grains, are not putting themselves in line and putting passbooks in line. It is seen for the first time that the bank's passbook has been placed down and put in the line.

Farmers who went to pay their produce in Raisen kept passbooks and Aadhaar cards to avoid the sun in the queue.

Police increased strictness on the boundaries of the district

After a long gap of 56 days, the entire market of the city has been opened on Wednesday in Lockdown-4. The opening of the market has brought some relief to the traders and shopkeepers, but due to the fear of viruses, people are still avoiding shopping. Due to this, except in grocery stores, people hardly reached other shops. However, social distancing was also seen in many shops. In such a situation, the police had to walk around the city throughout the day and instruct people to stand at the shops.

Instruct only on the first day, now we will take action

The soldiers of the NAPA and the police allotted vehicles from their respective vehicles and kept on teaching social distancing to shopkeepers and people. At the same time, shopkeepers were also instructed not to give goods to customers coming to their shops without masks.

Quarantined 8 members of the same family from Indore
After investigation, 8 members of the same family from Indore have been kept in the Quarantine Center, in which Harishankar 30 years, Anasuya Bai 22 years, Laxmi Narayan 32 years, Brijendra 18 years, Prabha Bai 28 years, Dynasty 5 years, Vaidya Includes 1 year and Durga 1 year. They have been kept in the quarantine center in the hostel after examination in the civil hospital. In this regard, Naib Tehsildar Neeru Jain said that these people of Sarathe family of Khargone used to work in Indore, but the lockdown stopped employment. Due to this all these members returned to their village Khargone but before reaching the village, medical checkup of all the members was done. All three children, including all five female men, will be kept at the Quarantine Center for 14 days.

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