Jabalpur News in Hindi: Jabalpur, Sagar (MP) Coronavirus Cases News Today Updates; Eight Corona Test Positive Today In Madhya Pradesh Sagar, jabalpur district | Corona positive, mother of two-day-old baby in Jabalpur, doctors put newborn with mother with security arrangements

  • Delivery was done in Elgin Hospital on Tuesday, mother admitted to medical college with child
  • With two new cases in Jabalpur, the number of corona infected came to 192, so far 114 infections have been defeated and returned home.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 02:33 PM IST

Jabalpur. 2 new Corona positives appeared on Thursday morning. In these, the mother who gave birth to the baby two days ago was also found infected. The woman, a resident of the city's garbage outpost, gave birth to the child in Elgin Hospital. Later, the doctors referred the woman to the medical college. The woman was found corona positive when there was a sample test here.

Doctors said that the two-day-old baby is not infected with corona. In such a situation, it has been decided to keep the baby with the mother, because a two-day-old baby needs mother's milk. When the child is hungry, the baby will be fed the mother's milk with PPE kit and other necessary safety equipment. Doctors and nursing staff are engaged in the care of the mother and the child, so that the child does not get coronated due to the mother feeding the mother.

Collector met people in Containment area

Collector Bharat Yadav reached Chandni Chowk Containment Area late Wednesday evening. He urged people to follow the rules. The Collector also discussed with the residents of the Containment area. He said – the more cooperation from the citizens, the sooner the relief can be given in the container. The residents of the Containment area also got information about supply of essential commodities like milk, medicine, fruits and vegetables and distribution of ration. He also directed the officials to provide door-to-door ration to the remaining families before Eid.

The Collector also prepared a list of PDS consumers and directed them to ensure availability of food grains through fair price shops and also follow the rules in the container. The Collector instructed to constantly monitor the health of high-risk persons in the health survey.

51 corona have become positive in the ocean. Here the administration has made it mandatory for people to wear masks.

9 corona positive patients found in Sagar
On Thursday, 9 more Corona-infected patients were found in the district. Here the number of positives increased to 51. Dr. GS Patel, the Principal of Bundelkhand Medical College said that so far 5 people have returned home after recovering. While 44 are admitted in Kovid ward. 4 of them are in ICU when they are serious. 2 patients have been referred from Sagar to Bhopal. Masks have been made mandatory in the city, if any person is caught without a mask, action will be taken against him.

Child born in labor special train
A pregnant Mahima, who was going by a labor special train in Chhindwara district, gave birth to a child. The train was going from Amritsar to Champa. In Pandhurna here, the train was stopped when the obstetrician suffered childbirth. The doctor, who arrived from the government hospital, delivered the maternity Kantibai in the bogie itself. Both maternity and child are health.

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