Ujjain News in Hindi: Ujjain Coronavirus Lockdown News Updates; SSP Manoj Singh On COVID-19 Jawan Over Madhya Pradesh Movement Pass | Seeing the people moving around, the SP, enraged, told the soldiers on duty – if not improved, I will remove them

  • SP Manoj Singh, taking action against about 50 people, seized the vehicles and sent them to the police station.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:21 PM IST

Ujjain In Ujjain, the number of corona-infected patients continued to rise and Ujjain AC on Thursday itself checked to observe the lockdown by common people. SP Manoj Singh reached several intersections of the city and got himself checked by commuters standing at the checking point. Seeing the crowd of common people on the road, they became enraged and poked the policemen posted at the point. He said that those who do not have them are also roaming freely. Why are you guys posted here again? I want the result of lockdown. If not, I will remove it. He told the senior officer present there to check their duty, these people are looking at me in vain.

Ujjain has been witnessing a large number of positive cases in the last one week. There were 61 new cases on Wednesday as well. With this, 481 people have been infected here, of which 51 have died. The Ujjain SP had found that the lockdown in the city was not being followed properly. So he himself reached the checking point at various crossroads of the city in the morning. Going to different checking points here, they saw the arrangements, but as soon as they reached the checking point in front of Charak Hospital, they were disturbed to see the crowd and the movement of vehicles continuously. He even warned the soldiers on duty to take strict action.

This is my last warning, otherwise I will take strict action
SP Manoj Singh said that it is not my job to check the checking point, but due to you people I have to leave. The young man is sitting, no one is asking anyone, at least stop him and ask him and let him go right after. The SP told the policemen that under strict instructions, this is my last warning, otherwise I will take strict action and also remove them. Ujjain SP did not stop here, after which he told the policemen on the checking point to be useless. However, the SP clearly stated that as long as the people wandering around needlessly will not stay in their house, we will not be able to beat Corona. Therefore, strictness has become necessary now.
SP said – I took action against 50 people standing here

On going out on patrol in the morning, I said that I had received information that besides the pass issued by the administration, people are unnecessarily leaving the house and roaming the city. Apart from this, some people are also roaming here under the guise of Jari Pass. On sneaking into the city, I found that some people are actually roaming this way. I have personally taken action against about 50 such people. Trains of such people have been confiscated and sent to the police station. I have openly warned the Subordinate Police Incharge, CSP that I want the result of Total Lockdown. If I get negligence then I will take strong action against them also.
This Baba Mahakal's city, preventing infection is my first responsibility
He said that this is the city of Baba Mahakal, the city has to be saved. Prevention of corona infection is my first priority. Do not misbehave with anyone, but who will violate the lockdown and who will not be able to comply, I am going to take strict action against both. In future, I will leave the city without being told. So that lockdown can be strictly followed. Appealing to the people of Ujjain, he said that there is no need to panic from the cases that are coming up. We are taking out the cases that are coming out after survey. It is our effort to eradicate this disease from the root. The public of the city should also follow the lockdown.

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