Indore News In Hindi: Husband killed his wife by strangulation and then committed suicide by hanging | Husband killed his wife by strangulation, then committed suicide by hanging

  • The couple living in Mateimahal area had a dispute, neighbors noticed at 11 am

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:37 AM IST

Mhow The sensational incident occurred during the lockdown in the city's Matimahla area. The bodies of the couple were recovered from the same house. In this, the dead body of the husband was found hanging on the trap, while the body of the wife was lying on the ground. It is primarily revealed that the first husband killed his wife by strangulation and after that she committed suicide by hanging herself.

On Wednesday morning at around 11 am, the family's lion saw the bodies of Shashikant Vyas and his wife Bharti Vyas living here from the same room. In it, Shashikant's body was hanged on the fan. The wife's body was lying on the ground. After this the residents lowered the dead body hanging on the fan and informed the local police about the incident. SDOP Vineed Sharma and Katewali Police Station Incharge Abhay Nema arrived. Here, the police asked the family and nearby residents, it was discovered that there was a dispute between the husband and wife in the night. After this, when the children woke up in the morning and when the parents did not come out of the room, when they looked in the room, the incident was revealed. FSL team also reached Maike in Dapehar and started investigation.

Children, Belle: At 5 in the morning, the father came near and said that the mother is asking for divorce .., we said everything will be fine
Police sources here revealed that the dispute started on Tuesday night between husband and wife regarding divorce. During interrogation with the police, the children told that there was a dispute between the mother and father at night. After that we went to Grandmother's house. About five o'clock in the morning, my father came to us and said that your mother is not accepting and is repeatedly asking for divorce. After this, we told my father that everything will be alright, go with you. After this we also went and father also went to his room. After this, when we got up in the morning and my father and mother did not come out of the room for a long time. We looked into the room and saw the mother lying on the ground and the father hanging on the fan. After this, we organized and called the nearby people and informed about the whole incident.

FSL team found traces of strangulation of wife, so police suspect that first wife was killed
When the police and FSL team reached the macaque and examined the dead body, the woman's throat was found with a cheat on her neck. After this, the police primarily expressed fear that after the dispute, the husband will strangulate the wife. He then committed suicide by hanging himself due to self-aggression. Right now the police is recording the statements of the children of the family etc. Only then will the situation be completely clear.

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