Indore news in Hindi: 4 new positive patients arrived, figure reached 88 | 4 new positive patients arrived, figure reached 88, 10 report negative, 58 have been healthy so far

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:34 AM IST

Mhow The city had a report of 19 samples in a day. Four new positive cases have come out of these. These include Banda Basti, Luniyapura, Seva Marg and Boot Gali. The biggest of these four contagions is the election of Karena positive cases in a densely populated area like Banda Basti. After receiving these positive cases, the figure has reached 88.
A report of 10 samples came negative in the city on Wednesday morning. After this, the administration breathed a sigh of relief, but in the evening there was worrying news for the administration. In this, the report of a resident of Boot Guli resident in India came positive. Apart from this, the report of the woman and the men of Banda Basti along with the Yela Jane Hospital admitted in the hospital, as well as the report of the youth of Lunipura, also came positive. Only after the arrival of these reports, the administration team came into action. Late evening administrative staff SDM Pratul Sinha, ASP Amit Tailani, Tehsildar Dhirendra Parashar, Naib Tehsildar Ritesh Jaeshi, Kent Board Sanitary Superintendent Manish Agarwal reached Banda Basti. Here, along with quarantine the relatives of the positive youth who came here, they started collecting information about their contact and travel history etc.

Out of 18 so far, active case now 12
After 88 Karena positives in the city, 18 of them have been defeated so far, while 58 people have reached healthy homes. After this, Kareena is being treated for infection, their number is just 12. However, more than 20 samples sent from the city are yet to be repaired.

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