Hoshangabad News in Hindi: Now Satpura Tiger Reserve will not open till October, tourist entry in Pachmarhi-Churna is closed | Now Satpura Tiger Reserve will not open till October, tourists entry in Pachmarhi-Churna is closed

  • Corona will be closed for the first time for seven months due to lockdown

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:27 AM IST

Hoshangabad STR (Satpura Tiger Reserve) will not open in summer season due to Corona lockdown. Tourists will not be able to see wildlife in Madhai and Churna. Since the lockdown will run until 31 May. Just like 15 years after the monsoon movement starts, STR will be closed after 15 June. Now in June, visitors will not be able to see the wildlife. Tourist movement will now be four months later in October. Till then the lockdown will be expected to open. Tourists from all over the country and abroad come to see STR Wildlife. This year STR is closed for the next two months due to Karena. The STR is closed until further orders, i.e., till the lockdown is completely removed from the country, the shaving will not open. STR area Deputy Director Anil Shukla said that orders have come to us, in which the STR has to be kept closed till further orders. So now lockdown is going on. So it will not open. Now only after the rains, the movement of the tours will start.

Gypsy wheels stop in Pachmarhi, employment also lost
Due to the lockdown, about 3 thousand people have been unemployed in Pachmarhi. Here, 275 guides, who work in Hatlane, including 450 Gypsies, including Hatlane's clothes teller, have been rendered unemployed. Cantonment Board Vice President Pankaj Jaiswal said that everything has been closed since the last two months. Therefore all gypsies are closed. Lagaen's income has been exhausted. Tourists are not coming to Pachmarhi. There will be problems in the rainy season too.

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