Indore News in Hindi: Now Pithampur will start efforts for Napa Five Star Ranking, will soon make new plans | Now Pithampur will start efforts for Napa Five Star Ranking, will soon make new plans

  • Experts will be placed under the Cleanliness Survey-2021 to look after the Solid Waste Management and Sanitation Portal

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:24 AM IST

Pithampur The Municipality has received a three star ranking in the Cleanliness Survey. In this, the activities of the cleaning teams including the NAP administration and management were effective, while the townspeople have also given full support. Now the NAPA management will strive for five star rankings. Its plan is also to be prepared soon.

CMO Gajendrasinh Baghel and Health Officer BS Mahate said that in our upcoming scheme, experts should be kept, door-to-door collection should be improved. He told that the NGO IC has filled the tender this time, in the matter of Municipal Council Pithampur, we have kept three experts. Among these, the first one will be for the promotion of cleanliness survey, the second will be PhD in solid waste management. The third expert will be there, go and upload all the papers on the cleanliness portal and can maintain it.

Apart from this, all the drains that were under Pithampur Municipality were open, he said. Now all drains will be covered. We used to stop the process of making manure on the treaching ground in the rain, now work will be kept there in the rain too. Now the process of making compost here will continue continuously for 365 days. Apart from this, a separate box will now be installed in the garbage vehicles, in which the people of the ward will be able to add masks, gloves, sanitary napkins, diapers etc. Those who do not follow it will also be fined.

Vestage will also use water
CMO Baghel and Health Officer Mahate said that our efforts will be started soon for the Five Star and Seven Star rankings in the upcoming 2021 Cleanliness Survey. By preparing the plan, go so far and the waste water of other places used to flow. He will also be used. The use of 30 percent of such water for five star and seven star ratings will be reflected by the regime. For this, we will make such a system, in which this water gets settled and reaches the gardens etc. He could be used properly.

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