Indore news in Hindi: the woman was depositing money in the fraud of fraud call, guards saved Rs 6000 wisely | The woman was depositing money in the fraud of fraud call, guards saved Rs. 6000 wisely

  • Women reached SBI Indore Naka branch, saved from being a victim of thugs

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:24 AM IST

Depalpur In the rural areas, there are incidents of fraudulent calls by luring people in the name of opening the lottery on the day of the reward. The villagers are losing their money due to their greed. One such case came up in which a call came on the name of a rural woman in the name of opening a reward and depositing her account on her mobile. Shortly after depositing the money of one, the second time the money was deposited. When the woman reached the bank to do this, the guards stationed there questioned her and inquired the concerned about the relevant mobile period before submitting the Vidral Form. The case prevented the woman from depositing the money when suspected.
This incident is of SBI Indore Naka branch here. Here, a young girl from the village of Limboda came to fill the Vidral Form to deposit an amount of six thousand rupees. He got a message on mobile phone saying that you have received lottery prize. As a tax, you have to deposit some amount first. To get the prize money, the girl was prompted to deposit Rs 15,000 in SBI branch. When the girl deposited this money, she got a call again and again came to Fain to deposit another 6000 thousand rupees.

When the girl arrived to fill the slip, the guards posted at the bank branch inquired about Rajkumar and Lalsingh's name and the person in front while filling up the Vidral. When she was called by the girl from the number from which the call came, the caller boy refused to reveal her name. The guards immediately sensed the situation and stopped the girl from pouring money. After this, he called several times continuously, then he started talking about adding money to the accounts of different banks. Due to the prudence of both the guards, the woman saved herself from being a victim of fraud with Rs 6000. The citizens appreciated the wisdom of the guards and this work.

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