Indore News in Hindi: Farmers are unable to sell vegetables due to lockdown in the evening, thousands of tons are rotting in the fields | Farmers are unable to sell vegetables due to lockdown in the evening, thousands of tons are rotting in the fields

  • Vegetables are coming out from outside state, but market is not being started at local level.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:21 AM IST

Conveyor Farmers in the area have been upset this year by producing green vegetables. Due to the lockdown, their vegetables are not being sold, they are rotting in the fields. Farmers have planted all kinds of vegetables including green chillies, spinach, coriander, tomatoes, lanky, brinjal, cabbage, gilki, pumpkin in hundreds of acres in the area. Vegetables are rotting in the fields due to lack of sale. The vegetable market is also closed and vegetable area is closed. Due to this, farmers are losing millions of rupees.

Rajasthan, UP, Gujarat, Maharashtra are coming in large quantities of vegetables in the Samwer area and are being sold in the Samwer area. These green vegetables are getting cheaper and they are also at risk of infection of corona virus. Despite this, thousands of tons of vegetables are being blocked and vegetables are coming from many trucks and trains every day. The farmers of the area say that their vegetables are not going out. Due to the closure of Indore and Saver Vegetable Market, farmers are not able to sell their vegetables. Farmers say that when vegetables are being sold openly from outside, then why are our vegetables not being sold. We are not able to sell fresh and pure vegetables every day. Our loss is due to the closure of vegetable market by the administration. If the administration starts the evening vegetable market, farmers can get some relief.

The farmers say that arrangements should be made to sell our vegetables by the administration, otherwise hundreds of farmers of the area will be drowned in debt despite expensive fertilizers, seeds and pesticides and hard work. The vegetables of the farmers here are famous in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi and many states including Madhya Pradesh and go out of the region by hundreds of trains daily. He has approached the collector, including the Sanwar administration, to start the local vegetable market and sell vegetables in social distancing. Preference should be given to the vegetables of the region instead of the external vegetables.

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