Indore News In Hindi: Vehicles stopped at the checking points, three rides on the bike and action on more than 80 people who roam without masks | Vehicles stopped at the checking points, three rides on the bike and action on more than 80 people who roam without masks

  • Administration has been alert since morning to control crowd in the market, action at 4 different places

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:18 AM IST

Alirajpur People were taking unfair advantage of it for two days due to two hours more relaxation in Lockdown-4. The market was overcrowded due to high vehicular traffic. Women and men coming from rural areas without masks
They were seen roaming around. To control this crowd, on Wednesday, on the third day, the administration, municipal and police teams were on alert since morning. The action was strictly taken against those who took three rides on the bike without wearing a mask.
There was not much crowd in the market, so action was taken by placing check points at different places including bus stand, Dahod Naka, cinema intersection. During this time a large number of people were found without wearing a mask. The number of riders who rode three was also high. The team, including SDOP Dheeraj Babbar, TI Dinesh Solanki, Naib Tehsildar Sarita Gamar, CMO Santosh Chauhan, Sanitation Inspector Dharmendra Solanki, made challans of more than 80 people and recovered a fine of Rs 7,000 in the action which lasted from morning to afternoon.

People started arguing when three passenger vehicles started making challans of drivers. If someone said that they were going on foot, then we sat down. Someone said that other people are also roaming. But no one was in front of the team acting strictly. During this time, many educated educated people also got around without wearing masks. To such people, Naib Tehsildar Gamar said that people who are coming from rural areas once understand the poor poor and do not understand much. But you people are educated, it is sensible, if you live in the city only you will do this, will we ever be able to deal with this disease. Saying this, Naib Tehsildar took action against all those who broke the rules.

People kept slippers in the circle and sat close to the shade
A large number of people are coming from banks to withdraw money. People come in the morning and line up near the banks. Even after hours, when numbers are not available, they place their slippers in the circle and start crowding the shade. This view is of Bank of Baroda located at Bus Stand. Similar situations are being created here since two days. Similarly, there is a rush of people at ATMs. Social distance is not being followed.

Social distance is not being followed in stores
Even after continuous action, social distance is not being followed at the shops. The shops are crowded. Shopkeepers also allow 8 to 10 people to enter together. Many of these people do not even use masks. Most shopkeepers have not even made circles outside their shops. By which people enter the shop together.

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