Ratlam News In Hindi: DTO Acquires 28 Private Ambulances, Rage To Give Rs 1470 + Diesel, Later Said: Will Pay Rs 1000, Also Remove Vehicles | DTO Acquires 28 Private Ambulances, Rays To Give Rs 1470 + Diesel, Later Said: Will Pay Rs 1000 Only, Remove Vehicles

  • Ambulance drove regardless of life
  • Reliance gave diesel free but the administration deducted money
  • Local authorities decided for themselves, said: By doing so, they saved the rupees of government

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:03 AM IST

Mandsaur The case of bus transport scam related to RTO is under investigation and now the ambulance scam has come to light. Reliance company gave diesel for free to 28 private ambulances acquired by DTO here. By the authorities
Cut the rupees from the operators by telling them the rule. The special thing is that ambulance operators had to pay Rs 1470 per day and diesel separately. The department removed them after 45 days, telling them to run an ambulance with diesel for 1000 rupees.
In order to make progress in medical services due to Kovid-19, the government asked the health department to acquire a private ambulance. The department acquired 28 ambulances in the district through DTO. The control room of Kovid-19 was entrusted with the responsibility for their operation. The administration here appointed Babu RR Shinde of DTO along with Prakash Girase, Project Officer of Zilla Panchayat. Their job was to operate the ambulance, provide them with diesel from the respective petrol pumps. According to the information, giving diesel in addition to the fare of Rs 1470 per day to each ambulance. In this way, the maximum fare to be paid by the government on every ambulance is 30 thousand rupees per month.
In the ambulance, diesel was replenished by Reliance Company from its own petrol pump from its CSR fund. Reliance was scheduled to deliver 50 liters of diesel to each ambulance every day. Reliance did this work till 3 May. After this, the administration started filling diesel with a modern petrol pump. Here, it was about the fare of the ambulance, the administration had to give 1470 rupees separately according to the rage. After 45 days, the ambulance operators told them that they would get only 1000 rupees, out of which only diesel would remain with them i.e. they would have to compensate the diesel filled with Reliance. When Bhaskar took information from these officials, he claims that there is nothing like corruption. We have saved the rupee of the government by cutting the amount of diesel.

How to compensate for one thousand rupees including diesel
An ambulance operator said that 270 liters of diesel was spent in 45 days. Which is Rs 420 per 6 liters per day. Apart from this, the driver charges 300 rupees. The EMI of the vehicle itself is Rs. 500 per day for 15 thousand rupees per month. This cost is 1220 rupees excluding machinery. The government will give one thousand rupees. This is a kind of injustice, while we are working at the time of transition like Corona regardless of life.

This ambulance scam is also on the lines of bus transport
In the same way, social workers organizations filled diesel in Bhanpura-Shamgarh tehsil to release migrant laborers to their homes. The Tehsildars have made this list available to the DTO. The DTO pointed out the diesel spending regime rather than social organizations.

Prakash Girse, Ambulance in-charge and PO, District Panchayat said – the remaining amount will remain deposited in the government's account
The government had to see the management of every ambulance for 30 thousand rupees fixed by the government, so decided to cut the amount of diesel. Diesel may have been put by Reliance but whatever amount will be deducted will remain in the account of the government, which will be useful in future. We have given this information to the DTO.

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