Ratlam News in Hindi: Masks were on pegs, sanitizers only for themselves, sealed 11 shops and seized 9 bikes | Masks were on pegs, sanitizers just for themselves, 11 shops sealed and 9 bikes seized

  • Due to negligence, the administration will run strict, regular checking, people should be careful if they want to avoid infection
  • Policemen shut the shutters of the shops and set the locks on the rules, following the rules, sealed the chapis

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:03 AM IST

Javra. On Wednesday, the officers suddenly went to the market with a team force. From clothes, jewelery, manure-seeds, utensils, checked grocery shops. In most places, the traders and their workers either kept masks hanging around their neck or hanged on pegs. As soon as the team reached the shop, someone immediately wore a mask and someone started making excuses, so the heat was removed. There were sanitizers in many places but only traders and workers were using them. Customers should not get their hands sanitized. The officers came to know about this from the customers. Distancing was also not maintained.
Officers angry at such negligence and disorder began to seal the Danadan shops. Tehsildar Dr. Nityanand Pandey, Naib Tehsildar Anand Jaiswal, City Station Incharge Pramod Sahu sealed 11 shops and seized 9 bikes. Patwari Pankaj Rathore, Anamika Ohri, Naveen Sharma and Gopal Rawat and the policemen sealed the shutters of the shops with locks and chapdi. When we sealed Sardarmal Mehta's cloth shop in Bajajkhana, the family said that the way to our house and shop is the same, where will we come from? There was some debate about this but later the administration closed the main shutter leaving a shutter. Tehsildar said that there will be regular checking and strict action will be taken on negligence. Lessons are necessary after explanation.
Bike of 9 people going without masks also seized
Not only the shop but the bikes of 9 people roaming the market without wearing masks were also seized. Station in-charge Pramod Sahu said that the exemption in lockdown has been given with conditions and it is necessary to follow them. What does not follow will be acted upon. A total of 150 bikes were confiscated by the police throughout the lockdown, most of which were abandoned after challan action.
Closure of shops started from 5.30 pm
The opening hours of the shops are from 7 am to 7 pm but the administration started closing the shops from 5.30 pm. Many shopkeepers do not close the shop on time by stating that there are customers inside. Therefore, shops should be closed before time so that no one would appear outside the house after 7 pm. After 7 o'clock, the police went to the market and colonies and sent people roaming outside.
Administration sealed the shops of these 11 traders in Javra Nagar
The officer reached the clock tower at 11 am. Starting from here went to Chowpatty. Meanwhile, Bajajkhana, Prakashchand Pitambar Dayal's Gwalior Cutpiece Center, Anil Ranka's Ranka Jewelers, Sardarmal Mehta's Cloth Shop, Vinod Agarwal's Mangal Garments, Pradeenkumar Shobhamal's Parilok General Item Shop at Bhadbhunja Chowk, Yusuf Bohra's Tah Grocery Shop at Gunna Chowk , Yusuf Qureshi's Mutton Shop at Talanaka, Syed Anwar Ali's Silky Dresses at Jawaharpath, Mayur at Khariwal Mohalla The treachery of Kothari Metals, Lucky medical stores and beach Bhanwar Lal Pandey Ram seed store shop sealed road Mohammad Sharif Rtlamiget. Of these, Bhanwarlal Pandey is a relative of MLA Dr. Rajendra Pandey, although no one from Bhanwarlal or his family was present when the administration reached his shop. Only the servant was found who did not wear the mask so the administration sealed the shop. Ankit Pandey of the family who arrived later said that we are following all the rules including distancing. If the employee does not wear a mask, he will also explain it.

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