Ratlam News in Hindi: the city quarantined 11 people who came in contact with Qazi and his family | Quarantined 11 people who came in contact with the city Qazi and his family

  • Danger: 19 new Corona positives found in 17 hours in the city
  • Relief: 8 contagions won the battle, sent home on healthy return

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:02 AM IST

Mandsaur The danger of corona in the city does not appear to be decreasing. An investigation report of 27 people came from Ratlam on Wednesday morning after 13 new Corona positives were found on Tuesday evening. 6 new corona positives were found in it. In this way, 19 infected have been found in 17 hours. Of these, 11 are from the Gudri region alone. The process of getting corona positive even after having already created a containment area does not seem to stop. It is a matter of relief that out of 79 corona positive in the district, 38 people have returned home after getting healthy.
The Gudri area remains a containment area since 25 April. The district administration is claiming twice to conduct health surveys. Even after all this, the continuation of Corona positive in Gudri is not taking its name. With the continuous positive cases, it can be guessed that people are not following social distancing and rules even after CCTV is installed in the container area. If no positive comes for 21 days after getting the last positive, then the Gudri area will get freedom from the Containment area, but neither the administration is able to explain this to the people nor the people themselves are understanding the seriousness.

Referred a positive to Indore
6 new Corona positive patients were found on Wednesday morning. However, all of them belong to the Gudri region. 5 of them were already admitted to the Quarantine Center. A new person has emerged from Gudri area. He had a sudden illness on Tuesday. RRT was admitted to the Quarantine Center on complaints of vomiting and diarrhea. Seeing the situation here, the doctors referred him to Indore. The report of the suspect has come back positive on Wednesday. After this, the administration has admitted 3 other members of his family to the Quarantine Center. Listing of people coming in contact is being done. Right now the number of quarantine and home quarantine people is expected to increase.

The list of people exposed to the infected is being prepared, work continued till evening
On Tuesday evening, the city Kazi and 2 members of his family met positive from Qazi Chowk. At the same time, 3 people from Gondi Chowk also appeared corona positive. Till Wednesday afternoon, the administration has recruited about 11 people who came to their class contact at the quarantine center. There are no symptoms in them, so samples will be taken after five days. At the same time a list of people who came in contact with these families is being prepared. The work of quarantining home in this continued continuously till Wednesday evening.

Here, 38 people have been infection free so far in the district
On Wednesday, the report of 8 corona positive patients in the report of 27 people has come negative. When the second report came negative, the health department gave health certificates to eight patients and left for home. Four patients were discharged from the quarantine center. Four patients were discharged from Siddhi Vinayak Hospital. Patients with Siddhi Vinayak shifted here from the quarantine center the day before. Now when the report came negative, he was sent home. Everyone has also been instructed to stay home for 14 days quarantined. Thus far, 38 positive healthy hawkers have come home.

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