Gwalior News in Hindi: 98-year-old retired auditor's leg slipped from the balcony of the sixth floor flat, death from falling down | 98-year-old retired auditor's leg slipped from the balcony of the sixth floor flat, death from falling down

  • Lived here with her 60-year-old son

Dainik Bhaskar

May 27, 2020, 08:43 AM IST

Gwalior The 98-year-old man died after falling from the sixth-floor balcony of the Orchid Green apartment located near Gulmohar City in the university area. The elder was a resident of Dehradun and retired from the post of auditor in the AG office. He lived here with his 60-year-old son. The incident occurred on Monday morning. The police have investigated the case.

According to the station in-charge Ramnaresh Singh, our team reached the maize after receiving the information of the elderly Karamchand Kakkar, who lives in the flat number 621 of the Orchid Green Apartment, falling from the balcony. By the time PSI Dharmendra Sawhney reached the spot, the old man had died. Karamchand lived in the apartment with his 60-year-old son Suresh Kakkar. Other members of his family live in Dehradun. Suresh is also retired. Suresh and other people of the apartment were told by the police that Karamchand went to the flat balcony to dry clothes on Monday morning after his retirement. Suddenly his leg slipped and he came down from the balcony railing. This led to a chat in his head and he was maimed on the spot.

Grandson went to Dehradun after getting job in army, 3 months ago
Karamchand had lived in Gwalior for 18 years during his posting at Kakkar Accountant General's Office. His family is originally from Allahabad. After retirement, Karamchand's grandson got a job in the army and pasting took place in Dehradun. After this the Kakkar family started living there, but if Karamchand did not feel like, then he came to Gwalior 3 months ago. Here mostly his son Suresh used to cook. Sometimes acquaintances and friends would send food and sometimes he would order food from the market. There was a discussion with Karamchand and Suresh about keeping a family member but an accident took place before that. According to the people living in the apartment, Karamchand and his son came to live in the flat 3 months ago. The flat was taken by Karamchand's family for investment purposes. Members of the Kakkar family from Dehradun sometimes come to the flat.

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