Jaipur News in Hindi: The most dangerous locust attack in 25 years; So far, 47308 hectare crop in 4 states, largest party in Dausa, Rajasthan | The most dangerous locust attack in 25 years; So far, 47 thousand 308 hectare crop has been harvested in 4 states, money is being received for catching them in Pakistan

  • Now the risk of damage from locusts is reduced due to Rabi harvest
  • Air Force helicopters to be used to control locust teams, CDA atomizer kits for helicopters were sourced from the UK

Geoffrey Gentleman, Suhasini Raj and Sharad Pandey

May 29, 2020, 05:38 AM IST

New Delhi / Jaipur / Bhopal. Scientists in the sky of the locusts hovering over many states of the country have described the most dangerous attack in the last 25 years. This time locusts are also different. According to KL Gurjar, deputy director of the country's locust warning organization, “this time there are young locusts in the team.” They fly more distances, faster. ”Environmentalist Roxy Mathew Kell of the Indian Institute of Tropical Materials, Pune, said that it started in late 2019. There was hot water in the Indian Ocean. This caused heavy rainfall in the East African region and Arab region. This proved favorable in increasing the population of mass locusts.

So far locusts have damaged 47 thousand 308 hectares of crops in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that locust control has been found at 355 places. The largest locust party is 5 x 2 km in size in Dausa district. 50% control has been found here. Surprisingly, this time grasshoppers are also seen in urban areas.

Locusts flew from Yemen and Saudi in January 2019

Keith Kressman, a senior United Nations official predicting grasshopper attacks, says that locusts started flying from Yemen and Saudi Arabia in January 2019. Between June-December 2019, it had reached the Indo-Pakistan border via Iran. By December 2019, it had measured all the sandy land from South Africa to India. India had a good monsoon in 2019, which proved helpful. By February 2020, they had invaded Gujarat and Rajasthan and it was expected that in June 2020, they would attack India again.

Getting money for locust locomotive in Pakistan

20 for catching a fort locust in Pakistan. See you Farmers are catching up to 7 tonnes of locusts a night. Then these poultry granulation plants are sold. In soybean 45%, while locusts contain up to 70% protein. Soybeans cost around 90 rupees, while grasshoppers are getting free price.

Government ordered kits from the UK to control locusts

The central government will use helicopters of the Air Force to control locust parties. The CDA Atomizer Kit is being sourced from the UK to fit helicopters. Orders have been issued. Along with this, air spraying is also being done for the control of locust parties on inaccessible and tall trees. Tenders for the drone services have been issued for this.

Orange farmers in Maharashtra are worried

At present, the risk of loss of crops due to locusts is less, because the Rabi crop has already been harvested. Orange peasants of Maharashtra have expressed concern, but their numbers are worth controlling there. The biggest problem will be when they breed. At present there are three to four parties in Rajasthan, Da or three parties in Madhya Pradesh. A Chheta group has moved to Maharashtra.

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