Titan is moving away from its planet Saturn very fast, know what is the reason

new Delhi: We know the largest moon of the planet Saturn by the name of Titan. A new study claims that Titan is moving away from its planet Saturn a hundred times faster than before. The study was published in the journal Nature Astronomy on Monday. Titan is very unique in our solar system.

It is the only known moon that has a special atmosphere and is the only planetary system other than Earth with liquid rivers and lakes on its surface. Of the 150 known moons of our solar system, the rest of Saturn's moons are moving away from the planets that revolve around them. Our own moon is also included in these moons.

Saturn has 82 moons. Titan, which is larger than the planet Mercury, orbits the planet 759,000 miles away. And since it is moving away from its planet at the same speed every year, the entire planetary system of Saturn is also increasing. The moon of the Earth goes about 1.5 inches away from the Earth every year. According to NASA, it is caused by the Moon's gravity on the planet, which creates a temporary bulge in the planet. That energy pushes the moon away. According to Nasa, Titan's migration rate is about 4 inches every year.

Laney, a theoretical astrophysicist and assistant professor at the California Institute of Technology, worked on the study as a scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Their theory says that both the inner and outer moons of the planets are distant at equal rates. Both types of moons get trapped in orbits due to the wavering of the planets, due to which they are pushed away.

This theory has also changed the long-held belief that the outer moon moves much more slowly than the inner moon. This idea was based on the fact that the outer moons are far away from their planet's gravity. NASA will send a Dragonfly mission in 2026 to investigate Titan. It will come to the moon by 2034. A Mars Rover-shaped drone will be able to fly for nearly two and a half years in Titan's dense atmosphere.