Now apple cultivation will be done not only in Kashmir but across the country, know how miracle happened

Jammu: After the cold and cold conditions of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, apple production has started in the Kandi belt of Jammu at 45 to 46 degree temperature. The new apple plant prepared by the scientists has been named HRMN-99. HRMN-99's parent Scientist K. C. Sharma claims that this variety of apple can be grown in the soil of any part of the country even in temperatures up to 50 degrees.

In fact, apple is produced only in cold winters of Kashmir or Himachal, in which the apple of Kashmir people prefer to eat more. But apple production in Jammu is nothing short of a natural charisma. This variety of apples is being produced in huge quantities in the gardens of Sahib Bandgi Ashram of Rajdi village in Samba district. The surprising thing is that while apple is produced at a temperature of only 20 degrees in Kashmir, but in Jammu it is growing at 45 degrees. More than 500 apple trees have been planted in the ashram.

Please tell that there is a lot of water shortage in Kandi area of ​​Samba district. Because of this, farmers have difficulty in farming. Many times crops do not grow due to lack of water.

Scientist K. C. Sharma said that an apple tree gives about 1 quintal of fruit. The Ashram produces about 2.5 to 300 quintals of apples every year. I have planted trees of this species of apple in many parts of the country.

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Scientist K. Giving message to farmers C. Sharma says that farmers can easily grow this apple in Kandi area. For this, they will not have to do soil testing. He claims that this can become a good employment tool not only for farmers in Jammu but also across the country.

He has also told that if the temperature exceeds 20 degrees in Kashmir, the apple crop gets spoiled, but in Jammu, the HRMN-99 species apple crop can survive even at 45 degree temperature.

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