Good news: finally corona medicine arrived, know the price

new Delhi: The pharmaceutical company Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has introduced the antiviral drug Favipiravir under the brand name Fabiflu to treat patients suffering from Kovid-19. It will cost Rs 103 per tablet. Giving this information, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals said on Saturday that the drug will be available in 200 mg tablets. Its 34 tablet leaves will cost Rs 3,500.

The company said that febiflu is a faviviravir drug for the treatment of Kovid-19, which has been approved. This medicine will be available at the price of Rs 103 per tablet on the advice of a doctor. On the first day, two doses of 1800 mg have to be taken. After that, two doses of 800 mg have to be taken for 14 days.

When asked about the manufacturing capacity of this drug, the company said that it would be able to provide Fabiflu to 82,500 patients in the first month, according to the requirement of minimum two leaves per patient. “We are watching the situation and according to the situation the company will increase the production according to the healthcare sector of the country.”

The company is producing an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for this drug at its Ankleshwar plant. The formulation is being produced at the Baddi plant in Himachal Pradesh. Apart from hospitals, this medicine will also be available through retail channels.

Asked if the company is also considering alliances with hospitals for the supply of this drug, Glenmark Pharma said that our priority right now is manufacturing Fabiflu so that it can be delivered to patients. Glenmark will certainly consider supporting the private and government healthcare sector. Depending on the time and the need, she will also consider other appropriate options.

Government approval
The Mumbai-based company said on Friday that it had received permission from the Drug Controller of India (DGCI) to manufacture and market the drug. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals chairman and managing director Glenn Saldanha said, “This approval has come at a time when corona virus cases in India are increasing more rapidly than before.” This has put our healthcare system under great pressure. ”

He hoped that the availability of effective treatment like Fibiflu would help reduce this pressure to a great extent.

Saldanha said that in clinical trials, Fabiflu showed very good results on patients suffering from mild infection of corona virus. He said that apart from this it is a food drug which is a convenient treatment option. He said that the company will work closely with the government and the medical community so that this medicine can be easily available to patients across the country.

The company said that its internal research and development team has successfully developed its active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and formulation.

“We decided to work on Favipiravir because it has been found effective on the SARS COV2 virus,” Indian Formulations, West Asia and Africa, President of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Sujesh Vasudevan said in an online press conference. This virus is the cause of the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Glenmark Pharma said that patients with minor infections who are suffering from diabetes or heart disease can also be given this medicine. Saldanha said that it is a medicine for food. In such a situation, when there is pressure on the hospital structure, it can prove to be very beneficial.

According to the Ministry of Health, a record 14,516 cases of corona virus were reported in the country on Saturday. Now the number of people infected with this epidemic in the country has increased to 3,95,048. The epidemic has killed 12,948 people so far.

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