NASA claims, Jupiter-sized youngest planet found outside the solar system

Washington: Many secrets are hidden in the depths of space and scientists keep the curtains from these secrets from time to time. NASA A recent study has revealed that there is a planet outside our solar system, which seems to be the youngest and largest hot Jupiter (Jupiter planet) ever.

According to the Astronomical Journal report, the exoplanet HIP 67522B orbits a star that is approximately 17 million years old, meaning that this hot jupiter is only a few million years old, while most known hot jupiters are over a billion years old. . Significantly, exoplanets are planets that are situated outside our solar system and rotate around any star.

The Jupiter-sized exoplanet HIP 67522B takes about seven days to orbit the star, which has the same mass as the Sun. Located only 490 light years away from Earth, this planet is about 10 times the diameter of Earth, or closer to Jupiter. The size of HIP 67522B suggests that there is abundant gas here. HIP 67522 b has been identified as a Planet Candidate by NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). TESS finds out about the planets orbiting near the stars. Scientists say that after revealing HIP 67522B many mysteries can be revealed.

Changed our understanding
Our understanding of the formation and evolution of planets has been based on eight (or nine) planets in the solar system, but in the last 25 years, the discovery of more than 4,000 exoplanets or planets outside the solar system has largely led to the old theory Have changed. The most intriguing and interesting part of the world's space is a section of exoplanet, called hot jupiter. Similar to the size of Jupiter, these gaseous planets are very close to their original stars, and they revolve around them.

Mission was started in 2018
Let us tell you that the US space agency NASA started its mission in 2018. He successfully launched the satellite to search for planets orbiting near the stars. The purpose of this mission is to explore the new world outside the Solar System and identify planets where there is an environment favorable to the life of the alien. The satellite was launched from the Air Force Station in Florida via Space X Falcon 9 rocket.