Astronaut lost mirror during spacewalk, new item attached to space waste

Cape Canaveral: A small mirror fell out of the spacesuit of an astronaut who had gone out of work from the International Space Station for a change of battery, and now it is covered in new trash joining space.

Commander Chris Cassidy said that this mirror floated away at a speed of one foot per second. NASA said that this mirror somehow got separated from the space suit of Cassidy. However, because of this mirror, astronauts do not have any danger of walking in space or the station itself.

The mirror is mounted so that the astronauts who walk in space can work better on each arm of the space suit. The weight of this mirror is barely one tenth of a pound.

Cassidy and his partner Bob Behnken are working in space to replace some of the last batteries of the old station. According to NASA, as soon as six new lithium-ion batteries will be replaced, this space laboratory will be perfect for the rest of its life-long mission.

Kassidy and Behnken have to install six batteries to complete the work. This is very heavy work because each battery is about one meter long and wide which weighs 180 kg. It is expected that their spacewalk will continue till July. Behnken will then return to Earth in August with the SpaceX Dragon capsule. Behnken and Doug Hurley made history by being part of SpaceX's first space trip in late May.

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