Beware, big threat towards Earth, NASA fears this

new Delhi: Another surprise of the year 2020 has come in front of the world battling Corona. NASA scientists have predicted that a small asteroid moving toward Earth may hit it one day before the US presidential election on November 3. According to the data, the probability of this celestial body hitting the Earth is 0.41 percent.

According to a CNN report, NASA scientists have predicted that a 0.002-kilometer (about 6.5 feet) asteroid '2018VP1' will pass very close to Earth a day before the US election 2020.

The asteroid was first identified in 2018 at Palomar Observatory in California.

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NASA says that there could be three possible effects of this asteroid colliding. But the US space agency has set a gap of 12.968 days based on 21 observations, according to which the asteroid will not have a deep impact.

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Earlier on the previous weekend, a car shaped asteroid has passed very close to the Earth. The shocking and worrying thing was that after it passed scientists came to know about it.

NASA said that the asteroid passed 2,950 kilometers above the southern Indian Ocean at 12.08 am EDT (9.38 pm India time) on Sunday.

Explain that a large number of Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs) pass through a safe distance from the Earth. Usually their distance is more than the distance between the Earth to the Moon.

But the first picture of this record-setting space rock, the asteroid 2020 QG, was taken by a facility funded by NASA six hours after passing through the nearest point when the asteroid was moving away from Earth.

The SUV-shaped asteroid was discovered by two IIT-Bombay students. Actually, IIT students Kunal Deshmukh and Kriti Sharma are working on a research project to find near earth esteroid. Meanwhile, he discovered this celestial body a few hours later using data from the robotic Zwicky Transient Facility, (ZTF), California.

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