What is Laura Hurricane in the US at a speed of 140 miles? NASA shared scary photos

new Delhi: The laura hurricane in America has taken a very formidable form. A few hours ago, this storm has reached a very dangerous fourth category and it is expected to cause a lot of damage. NASA has also shared pictures of Laura Storm and urged people to be careful.

What is laura storm
When the winds are slightly faster than normal, we start getting upset, then this is a dangerous Category 4 storm! According to the space agency NASA, when hot and moist air starts to rise above the sea surface, then low air pressure is formed at the bottom. In such a situation, the air of the surrounding areas starts coming there to fill this place, due to which the place of low pressure also starts getting hot and soft. When the hot air rises and cools down, then clouds start forming from that moisture. This network of clouds and strong wind increases. With this heat, the sea water starts evaporating. The heat of the sea and the evaporated water makes the situation worse. When such storms start moving at high speed, a shape is formed at the center. In the US, Laura Hurricane has taken a 'very dangerous' form of category four storm and has been blowing winds at 140 mph. This storm will knock on the Texas and Louisiana coast very frighteningly.

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NASA released photo
NASA astronaut Christopher Cassidy shared some pictures of Laura Hurricane on social media. These pictures were taken from the International Space Station. For your information, let us tell you that NASA has established a world-class lab on the space station, which is orbiting the Earth from 250 miles above. NASA has retweeted these pictures of him on his Twitter account. Christopher shared these pictures and asked to be most conscious.

Which areas will be affected
After hitting the Texas and Louisiana coasts, the dangerous winds of this storm will damage these places. Due to Laura, there is a possibility of flooding in the north and eastern areas. Due to this, Arkansas, Ohio and Tennessee Valley will be affected. There is also a possibility of a tornado with a thunderstorm from Laura. According to meteorologists, waves of more than four meters can rise in the sea. In a consultation issued by the US National Hurricane Center, it is said that Houston seems to be avoiding the problems of large-scale damage and lightning. However, the residents here may have to face strong winds and stormy weather. At the same time eastern cities like Winnie, Liberty, Livingstone can still face dangerous winds. People of the respective areas are being taken to safer places.

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