100 million years old crater found in this country, made by hitting meteorite

new Delhi: A 100 million year old meteorite crater has been found in Western Australia. The pit was found when a mining company was drilling to extract gold.

The diameter of this crater is 5 km. Experts have found this using crater electromagnetic surveys. The crater is near the goldfields mining town of Ora Banda, northwest of Kalgurli-Boulder.

It is estimated that this crater may be five times larger than Kimberley's famous Wolfe Creek Crater. This 5 km diameter crater is considered to be the largest Meteorite crater in the world.

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Geologist and geophysicist Dr. Jason Meyers has said that this discovery is important and unexpected. He said, 'This discovery has been done in an area where the landscape is very flat. You will not know that it was there because this crater was full for so many years. According to Meyers, this search can help in doing more searches.

He further said, 'There may be more out there. Perhaps more asteroids collided than we thought, if we start identifying more and more, then the whole scenario starts changing. '

Meyers said more discoveries could help scientists make more predictions about meteorites hitting the Earth. Because if we can understand more about geological history, we can predict when the next event will happen or when another asteroid may hit the Earth.

Earlier this year, scientists discovered the world's oldest meteorite crater in the mid-west of Western Australia. Its name is Yarrabubba crater. It is believed that it is 2.23 billion years old.

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