Sun’s 25th cycle begins, know how storms will rise on the surface

new Delhi: Solar Cycle 25, the only source of energy for the entire earth, has started. NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists announced it on Wednesday and explained what changes could occur on the surface of the sun after that. However, with this announcement, he has also said that the sun is so variable that no day-date of this event can be told, but it is so certain that this cycle can bring a lot of change on the surface of the sun.

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This is how the change in cycle is known
There is no fixed time limit for change in the cycle of Surya. It can also happen in a short time and sometimes in a longer time. Scientists use the sun to detect changes in the cycle. These spots reflect changes in the sun. Recently there have been such changes, which indicate that the cycle of the sun has changed.

NASA scientist Lika Guhathakurta said, “Recently a strong solar lightness or coronial wave was rising from the surface of the sun. Which shows that Suraj has started his new cycle.

He also said that after this change there will be many activities on the surface of the sun as well. Due to which he will throw strong light, flames, strong energy or solar elements etc. in the space. This change will also cause solar storms.

Another scientist, Frederick Clyte, said, ‘We will keep a detailed record of these small spots, which have told us about the new bicycle.’

25th Cycle This situation was before
Making this important announcement during a press conference, NASA said that even though the sun has now been ready for so many changes and activism, the situation was completely different for some time. The sun was less bright for several months, its light had decreased. The reason behind this was the decrease in its activism.

However, this has not happened only in the last few months. Rather, the inactivity of the Sun has been the cause of change in the cycle for some time. Because whenever the sun is dormant, its activity picks up after a few months or years.

Lika says, “We must remember that the sun’s activities will never end, just like a pendulum, it will have its ups and downs.”

Still this fear is haunting scientists
These activities of the sun or the activism in the near future are also not ending the fear of scientists, which they have seen in the last 9000 years. Actually, some time ago Germany’s Max Planck Institute claimed that the brightness of the sun has been declining for the last 9000 years. Which is probably a sign of the sun being weak. But they also think about this, that there is this lack of activeness of the sun somewhere, there is no peace before the next big storm.

There is a strong logic behind this apprehension. Scientists compared the decreasing brightness of the sun to about two and a half thousand stars in the galaxy and found that the sun is indeed very quiet for the last several thousand years. Not only this, in the last 400 years, the sunspots have also decreased. By the way, these things of 500-1,000 years are negligible in comparison to the total age of the sun because the age of the sun is 4.6 billion years.

Scientists also have an idea that maybe the sun has been tired in so many years and is now getting short sleep.

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