Photo: Hurricane imprisoned on this planet 406 million miles from Earth

new Delhi: There are many planets apart from the Earth in the Solar System and most of them have their own Sun and Moon. The fifth planet from the sun is Jupiter (Jupiter), which is the largest planet in the solar system. This planet has been known by astronomers since ancient times. It was associated with mythology and religious beliefs of many cultures. Roman civilization named it after its god Jupiter.

Storm on planet jupiter
While on the ground, the world of the solar system attracts everyone. Whether it is about the sun, the moon and stars or other planets, everyone is very excited to know everything about them. The American Space Agency NASA captures the planets, meteorites, sun, moon, stars etc. in the solar system and makes the Earthlings aware of that world. Recently, NASA has released a picture, in which the storm on the planet Jupiter can be clearly seen.

The speed of the storm is very fast
The speed of this storm on Jupiter has been measured at 560 km per hour. The deep red dot seen in the picture is a sign of that storm.

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It has been named The Great Red Spot. According to researchers, this spot has become so big that the Earth can swallow even the planet. This storm of Jupiter was photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope.

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