Human beings will be on the moon again in 2024, US government approved $ 28 billion

Washington: Now the steps of humans are going to happen on the moon again. NASA has pledged to launch humans on the moon in the year 2024. For this, the US Congress has approved an amount of 28 billion dollars. Of this amount, $ 16 billion will be spent on landing aircraft landing on the moon.

Donald Trump has ambitious project
There is an election on 3 November in America. Even before that, the Congress has stepped up efforts to approve this project. President Donald Trump (US President Donald Trump) said that he would be happy to see the steps of humans again on the moon. An amount of 28 billion dollars will be drawn from the budget between 2021 and 2025.

Political pressure on nasa
NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine interacted with reporters over the phone. He said that there is always political pressure on NASA, especially during the election time, NASA had made a program to go to the moon earlier, but Barack Obama canceled the mission during his presidential rule. At the same time, Donald Trump is willing to spend several billion dollars on this mission.

Astronauts will go to the south pole
He said that even if the US Congress approves $ 3.2 billion by Christmas, we will still complete the mission of landing on the moon in 2024. He said that this time we are going to the south pole of the moon. Not at the North Pole of the moon like the previous Apollo missions.

Work will be completed in three stages
This mission of sending humans to the moon will be completed in three phases. 2 astronomers will go to the moon, one of which will be a woman, the journey to the moon will be done by a spacecraft named Orion.

Mission will run from 2021 to 2042
NASA’s first vehicle Artemis-I (Artemis) will fly in November 2021. It will be shipped with SLS rocket, which is currently in testing face. This rocket will also carry the Orion capsule with it. The Artemis II mission will take astronauts to the moon in 2023, but will not land on its surface. And finally Artemis III will go to the lunar surface, as Apollo 11 went in 1969. Artemis III will stay on the lunar surface for a long time, for about 1 week. And will perform extravascular activities two to 5 times.

Now we have more information about the moon
Brydenstein said that scientists have taken the initiative to carry out very extraordinary work. This time we are doing work that has never happened before. During the Apollo mission, we knew that the lunar surface is dry. But now we know that there is water on the surface of the moon and ice Too, Especially where we land at the south pole of the moon.

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