Signs of life on Mars! Three lakes found buried under the surface

new Delhi: The search for life on Mars (mars) has gone one step further. Scientists at the US space agency NASA have claimed to find three more lakes buried under the surface on Mars. Two years ago, scientists discovered a large reservoir under the icy surface on Mars.

Salt water lake has been found before
In a paper in the environmental magazine Nature Astronomy, it was claimed that researchers discovered three lakes below the surface of Mars, in addition to the previously discovered saltwater lake. This discovery used radar data from the European Space Agency (ESA).

The lake is spread over 75,000 square kilometers
The report mentions the paper of Elena Pettinelli of University Rome. In which it is written that ‘A reservoir was found under the icy surface but we have also found three other lakes besides this. These lakes are spread over 75,000 square kilometers. The largest lake, which is situated in the middle of the three, is 30 kilometers long, while the three smaller lakes are just a few kilometers wide. ‘

Life on mars
It is believed that this discovery can form the basis for finding the characteristics of subsistence on Mars. Scientists believe that such lakes can indicate the existence of life on Mars. The report says that the earlier discoveries were made from 2012 to 2015, with 29 observations being the basis for ‘Observation’. In contrast, the new study took extensive data into consideration and was discovered between 2012 and 2019 taking into account 134 points.

If salt is 20 times more then it is useless
The report, citing environmental scientist John Priscu of Montana State University, also said that 20 times more salt than the water of the earth is in the water of these lakes. Water bodies cannot be considered the basis of life.


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