Alert: Asteroid as fast as Boeing-737 is moving towards Earth

Washington: An Asteroid as large as a Boeing 737 jet is moving towards the earth at a rapid pace. The US space agency NASA has reported that the Asteroid 2020 RK2 is moving towards Earth at a speed of 14,942 mph and is expected to enter Earth’s orbit on October 7.

Width 118 to 265 feet
Will there be any harm from this asteroid? In response to this question, NASA says that initially there is no possibility of loss, yet its movement is being monitored. According to NASA, the diameter of an asteroid is 36 to 81 meters, while the width can be from 118 to 265 feet. Simply put, its size is as large as Boeing 737 passenger aircraft.

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Won’t see from the earth
NASA has said that there is no need to panic. The possibility of damage to the earth with an asteroid is extremely low. This asteroid was first seen by scientists in the month of September itself. The space agency said that even though this asteroid is approaching the Earth, it will not be visible from the earth. According to Eastern Standard Time, the asteroid will pass very close to the Earth at 1.12 pm and British Summer Time at 6.12 pm.

No danger by 2027
NASA also says that after this event, the asteroid will not enter Earth’s orbit until August 2027. On 24 September too, an asteroid passed about 22,000 km from the Earth, its size was equal to a school bus. Significantly, the US agency NASA closely monitors such incidents and provides information about them.

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