Rare astronomical event! NASA records luminous star supernova explosion

Washington: The US research agency NASA has shared a video recording a huge star explosion. This massive explosion recorded in space by NASA is recorded in SN 2018 GV Supernova, located about 70 million light years away from Earth. NASA has also shared its video on its authorized Twitter handle.

Supernova is the largest explosion of a star in space. The fading light of the Supernova 2018 GV is also seen in the video. Scientists believe that such incidents are extremely rare.

This star, roughly half the diameter of our Milky Way, was discovered in 1791 by British astronomer William Herschel as ‘spiral nebula’. Spanning a time-lapse sequence of about a year, the supernova first appeared as a blazing star on the outer edge of the galaxy.

Nobel laureate Adam Rees, head of the Hi-Z supernova search team, said, “The light of an explosion recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope cannot exceed the light of any fireworks in the world.”

Astronomers can calculate the distance of their galaxies after knowing the true brightness of a supernova and seeing its brightness in the sky. This can help astronomers measure the expansion rate of the universe.

The initial blasts in January 2018 could not be recorded with the Hubble Telescope, but for nearly a year from 2018 to 2019, continuous photographs were taken. These pictures have been gathered in a time-lapse sequence. The star whose explosion has been recorded was 5 billion brighter than the Sun.