‘Mini Moon’ Mystery Reveals Curve, NASA Remembers 54 Year Old

Washington: NASA has solved the mystery of ‘mini-moon mystery’. Actually, this small ‘moon’ visible between the moon and the earth is not an asteroid, which is growing rapidly from the earth. NASA has compared this to an old rocket sent to the moon, which is rapidly returning to Earth.

The old rocket is behind ‘Mini Moon Mystery’?
Paul Choda, top expert in asteroid cases at NASA (Asteroid Expert Paul Choda) said that this Asteroid 2020 CD3, which looks like an asteroid, cannot even be called a space stone. Because it has a special way to revolve around the sun. He insisted that this could be the Centaur rocket upper stage of NASA’s surveyor lander Centaur rocket sent to the moon 54 years ago.

What happened 54 years ago?
NASA sent the Centaur rocket to the moon 54 years ago. But due to a malfunction in his engine, he lost his way and could not be detected again. But last month, American astronauts spotted this ‘mini moon’ of car size. Which is moving towards the earth.

Catalina Sky Survey team discovers
Last month, the team of the Catalina Sky Survey of NASA-backed Arizona Catalina Sky Survey gave information about this ‘mini moon’. Astronomers Kepper Wierzchos and Teddy Pruyne said on Twitter that the Earth had found its temper mini moon. Let us know that there are many such ‘mini moon’ sent in space, but due to being small in size, they are not visible.

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