Shadow moon and planetary triangle in the sky, if missed, then this rare sight will be seen

new Delhi: The year 2020 may not have been very good for the common people but it has been very special for Skywatchers and Astronomers. Nearly beautiful views have been seen in the sky almost every month and still a lot is being seen.

The night of 19 November saw such a rare sight in many parts of the world, when the moon, Saturn and Jupiter were seen making triangles. This was a very rare sight. Its special thing is that a similar view will be seen again next month. The rare sight of the coming month is also special because it happens once in 20 years.

Many rare views in the sky
On November 19, with the darkness in the sky, the moon started to appear and in a while, Jupiter and then Saturn also started appearing. This view was undoubtedly for a while, but the skywatchers did not delay in capturing this rare sight in the camera. People saw it with the help of binoculars and small telescope.

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Even the pits of the moon and the moon of Jupiter were visible. With the help of a small telescope, Saturn’s rings were also seen. Maybe you are sorry to know this but there is no need to be upset. Those who could not see this sight, they can wait for the next month.

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Coincidence will be made again in december
Saturn and Jupiter will again be close to each other in December. There will also be another rare event in December, called The Great Conjunction. When the moon is in the same Celestial Longitude with two other planets, it is called Conjunction.

Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs once in 19.6 years and after 1623 it will be seen closest on 21 December.

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