Mercury away from Gravitational Force of space, now it will meet the sun after so many years

new Delhi: There are many planets in our Solar System. The smallest of those planets Mercury has completed the transit of the sun. During this astronomical event, Mercury, seen as a black and small point on the sun’s aura, moved away from the solar disk due to the 5.5-hour gravitational force.

To see this astronomical event, scientists used the telescope and special glasses. Diameter of mercury our Diameter of the moon Is about 1406.74 km (874 mi) in size.

Such an incident occurs 13 times in a century

There are 8 planets in our solar system and all differ from each other in size and other things. Mercury, the smallest of those planets, has completed the transit of the sun. Scientists, science students and people interested in science had to use telescopes and special glasses to see this astronomical phenomenon. This transit of Mercury occurs 13 times every century. The next transit of Mercury will now take place on November 13, 2032. This usually happens only in May or November.

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Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun.

Mercury is the smallest of the eight planets in the solar system. It is also closest to the Sun. Its rotation period is about 88 days. When seen from Earth, it is seen to revolve around its orbit in 116 days. This trick is considered to be the fastest among the planets. Mercury’s crust feels the highest temperature fluctuation of all planets.

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