A lot of plastic waste found on the site of Iron Age in Britain, revealed in the study

London: One of the biggest environmental concerns today is plastic. In everyday life, plastic is used on a large scale and a lot of plastic waste is being collected. A new study has claimed that this plastic material is also being found at historical sites.

Reconstruct structures like Iron Age
Castel Henleys is the site where a village existed in the Iron Age around 2,000 years ago in the British Welsh Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Over the years, archaeologists and researchers have built 4 roundhouses here as once in this ancient village.

These structures were rebuilt about 30 years ago in the ancient village to understand how their material eroded over time. However, what the researchers found is incredible. They have found 2,000 plastic items here.

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Lots of plastic waste found on site
Studies published in the journal this week reveal that items found on the site included plastic food wraps, candy wrappers, utensils, bottle covers, straws, straw wrappers, and plastic bags.

Even though the site was maintained and cleaned up, the visitors here left plastic parts under dark areas and benches.

“This site is located in a rural area, which is why it is surprising to find such a large amount of plastic waste,” CNN quoted Harold Maytham, professor of orchology at the University of Liverpool.

He also said that if children visiting this place are given lunch without plastic packing, then it will make a big difference because about 6 thousand children visit this site every year.

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