Mercury Planet: This week Mercury will be able to see with naked eyes! Know when, where and how this amazing view will be seen

new Delhi: Have you ever seen the smallest planet Mercury (Greatest Eastern Elongation) with your naked eyes. It is not easy to see this planet from the earth, but this week you can see it for 4 consecutive nights with your open eyes (See Mercury Planet Through Naked Eyes). You do not have to try to see it, because the planet Mercury will be visible to you with naked eyes. If you have binoculars, this view will become even more beautiful for you. Let us know when, where and how you can see this amazing view with your naked eyes.

‘Mercury’, the smallest planet in the solar system

Mercury (Smallest Planet in the Solar System) is the smallest planet in the solar system which (Mercury) completes one round of the sun in 88 days. It is closest to the sun. So usually when there is a day on the earth then it is in the sky but before sunlight we are not able to see it. It is visible only when it is far away from the sun in its orbit. That is, you can see it just before the sun rises or just after the sun sets.

Mercury planet will be seen this week

You are going to see this rare sight this week. That is, from 23 January to 26 January night you will be able to see it. This week the planet Mercury will go away from the sun and we will also be seen with naked eyes. This is called Greatest Eastern Elongation. But to see it, you need to know in which direction it will appear.

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This view will be seen in this direction

On January 23, that is, on Saturday evening, Mercury Planet Through Naked Eyes will appear in the sky at an angle of about 15 degrees in the western direction. But this angle can also change depending on your location. It will appear towards the west direction just 30 minutes after the sun sets in the evening. If you want to see this scene then you need to be a little alert. Because in a short time it will disappear in the heights of the sky.

Look in this direction

If you miss this view in the evening or want to see it again, then look towards the north at the end of the sky, you will see it there. But for this, clearing of the sky is very important. If there is mist or fog in the sky, you will not be able to see this view.

What is the greatest eastern allocation

If the planet Mercury moves away from the sun in its orbit, it is called Greatest Eastern Elongation. It is on two sides i.e. east direction and west direction. This time it is the Greatest Eastern Elongation. Therefore, we will see it 30 minutes after the sun sets in the evening. When the Vestran elongation occurs, it appears in the east direction 30 minutes before the sun rises.

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This view will be seen four times this year (view will be seen four times this year)

After the sunset, you can see this view shining in the sky at an angle of 18.6 degrees on the right side of the sun. If for some reason you miss this opportunity, then there is no need to get upset. This year, Mercury will be visible from the Earth four times with naked eyes. On March 5, just before the sun rises, will appear on the southeastern sky before the sun rises on 9 and 10 March, after the sun sets from May 13 to May 29 and after the sun rises on December 4 but only in Antarctica. Therefore, this whole year you are going to get the opportunity of this wonderful sight many times.

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