Doomsday Clock: The world is on the verge of destruction! ‘Holocaust clock’ gives dangerous signal

new Delhi: There is always some change in the universe. The clock showing the danger of Doomsday in front of humanity is making a dangerous gesture at this time. This clock is about 100 seconds away from Midnight. To reach the midnight of the thorns of the clock means to indicate the holocaust in the world. Everyone knows that the world is currently struggling with Corona Virus Pandemic, Nuclear War and Climate Change. This watch had said the same time in 2020.

What do you say doomsday

Rachel Bulson, president of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist, said, “The thorns of the doom clock are 100 seconds away from midnight.” Thorns are closer to midnight than before. Let us say that the clock was 2 minutes away from midnight last year, which later slipped to 100 seconds.

What is doomsday

He said that the dreaded and frightening Kovid-19 epidemic acts like a historical wake up call. This indicates that national governments and international institutions were not ready to face nuclear weapons and the threat of climate change. Now you definitely want to know what is the holocaust clock and what will happen when it reaches midnight?

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The catastrophe tells future tragedy

It is worth noting that this watch was manufactured in 1947 by Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Actually it is a non-profit group, formed in 1945 by scientist Albert Einstein and students of the University of Chicago. Let us tell you that there are 13 Nobel Prize winners among its board members. This doomsday clock shows how close to the Earth is tragedy. It is found out from this moment that how much time the nuclear events and the dangers of climate change affect the world. On the other hand, Bawa Vainga has also made many predictions about 2021. According to his prediction, the year 2021 is going to be dangerous for humanity.

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