Why do elephants not get cancer? Big disclosure in the study

New Delhi Cancer (Cancer) Is a deadly disease that afflicts millions of people around the world. There are all kinds of types in cancer too, due to which people fight for a long time between life and death. There is no age for this disease. Nowadays it is spreading rapidly among the youth as well. Recently elephants have been diagnosed with cancer (Elephant) Has also been researched, which has revealed a lot.

Large size organisms can become victims of cancer

According to research, organisms that are larger in size and live longer can be vulnerable to cancer. Researchers say that genetic mutations present in such organisms (Genetic mutation) At the time of each cell is very fast and in such a new tumor is formed. Therefore, organisms that have more cells in their body can be cancer patients. However, despite this, elephants are less prone to cancer.

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Elephants do not suffer from cancer

University of Buffalo with elephants (University at Buffalo) Has done research by Vincent Lynch and Juan Manuel Vazquez of the University of California. Which is published in a journal. According to the study, such elephants (Tumor Suppression) are found in the elephants which prevent the formation of tumors. So elephants get cancer only in rare condition. Elephants are not usually victims of cancer. According to research, if your body size increases then the risk of getting cancer also increases. Because the fibers of more cells in your body also start growing.

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Causes of cancer in elephants

According to Richters, it is not the same for every species of organism. Evolutionary medicine and cancer biology have proved that the risk of cancer can be reduced along with gradual development. We have told in our new study how elephants, their present relatives and ancestors were resistant to cancer i.e. Cancer Resistant. Lynch says that he had some old research, which contained information about the genes of the tumor suppressor named TP53. Then it came to mind that if elephants have such tumor suppressing genes and then they researched it, then it came to know that such jeans are also found in their body, so they do not suffer from cancer.

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