Rabbits: Rabbit eats its own potty to maintain beauty, know interesting things related to it

new Delhi: Some animal habits are very strange. Rabbits are a very beautiful animal which keeps themselves clean. But do you know that the cute-looking rabbit (Vegetarian Rabbit Eats His Own Potty) eats his own potty. However there is a scientific reason behind it. Let’s know why the rabbit does this

Rabbit eats his own potty

Eating your potty is a process necessary for better health of the rabbit (Vegetarian Rabbit Eats His Own Potty). Rabbit is an organism whose digestive system is not very developed. Rabbits are herbivores that spend their lives eating mostly grass. In such a situation, many essential nutrients are left out of their body without digestion, so the rabbits eat it again and take more and more nutrients.
In the same way, most quadruped animals like cows and buffaloes bring their digested food back to the mouth and digest it again.

Varieties of rabbit potty

There are two types of potty of rabbit. One as a liquid and the other as a tablet of medicine. The potty of a liquid type is called a cicotrope. It contains a lot of nutrients which are drained out of the body through liquid. Rabbits eat it again. Then it is completely digested and potty in tablet form.

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Rabbit Potty is very nutritious

Cicotropes means that these potty poties are twice as nutritious than the potty containing tablets. There is a lot of vitamin K and vitamin B12 in them. If rabbits do not eat the liquid potty, then most of the nutrients will be released from their body without digestion.

A rabbit is a vegetarian animal

Rabbit is a vegetarian animal (Vegetarian Rabbit Eats His Own Potty) which eats only grass, vegetables. Fiber is very important for their body. Their digestive system works rapidly and removes many food without digestion. That is why you must have seen that they often do potty at night and eat it at the same time. After this, they digest him completely and get out again. They do not eat potty the size of this tablet.

Ruminant process

This process is similar to that of large quadruped animals like cow, buffalo. After eating his food, he again brings it to his neck and digests completely. Here the fiber of their food is digested by bacteria. This allows them to get maximum nutrients from their food.

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There are many other creatures

Rabbit is not the only animal in the animal world that eats its potty. This trend is found in guinea pig, small mice and similar vegetarian animals.

Others in the environmental cycle, potty-eating organisms

By the way, potty-eating organisms of others are also very beneficial for our environmental cycle. From small bacteria to large organisms like pigs also help to keep the environment clean by eating the potty of others.

This is how they express their feelings

Rabbits express their feelings by rolling their big ears. If he turned his ear backwards then he is angry but if he turned his face towards you then know that he is angry.

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