ISRO created another history, for the first time, satellite testing of private companies

Bengaluru: The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has opened its satellite center to private companies for the first time in its 50-year history. Two satellites of Indian start-ups, SpaceKidz India and Pixxel, were tested at the Indian Space Research Organization’s UR Rao Satellite Center.

This is the first time testing done in ISRO

This is the first time the satellite testing of a private company has been done at the UR Rao Satellite Center in Bangalore. ISRO has approved two such satellites. It has a private company and the other satellite students have been developed. In this, students have designed Spekidz India. This is the first time for the space agency when the private company’s satellite was tested at its center. ISRO has so far only helped in manufacturing different parts of satellite and rockets.

Let us know that in June last year, India decided to open its space sector to private companies. For this an independent Indian National Center for Space Promotion and Authorization (IN-SPACe) was established.

8 months later, ISRO is set to launch the commercial satellite in a scheduled PSLV mission later this month. This will be the first mission when ISRO will commercially launch an Indian start-up satellite.

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ISRO chairman said this

Apart from this, two private companies will test their engines at Space Port at Sriharikota and Rocket Center at Thiruvananthapuram in the next few months. ISRO will also provide its satellite image to this private company. This company works for the mapping service.

ISRO Chairman Dr. K Sivan said that more private companies will take advantage of this facility. ISRO is ready to work with private companies. But we want these companies to come up with innovation. This will name the country globally.

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