HOPE Mars Mission: Huge jam is going to happen on Mars, competition to land in these countries

New Delhi: Life On Mars: Among all the planets in space, Mars is a planet where all countries are desperate to reach. Every other country ‘Mission Mars’ (Mission Mars) Seems to be in a hurry to launch there. This month has reached its limit. Actually, the vehicles of many countries are going to travel long distances together. In such a situation, it seems that like Earth, now there will be a jam situation on Mars.

These countries will keep an eye on Mars

So far, only America’s vehicle was able to reach Mars. This country has done this feat 8 times. NASA’s two landers, Insight and Curiosity, operate there. Apart from these two, 6 other vehicles are reaching the pictures there from the orbit of Mars, including 3 from America, 2 from European countries and 1 from India.

Now the UAE has successfully landed its vehicle there. It is believed that the powerful countries of the Earth are now eager to show their dominance on Mars. The UAE vehicle has reached Mars in February, will reach China today and NASA on 18th.

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New hope from UAE’s Hope Mission

The spacecraft of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), China (China) and America (America) are scheduled to reach Mars orbit within 11 days after a long journey. The HOPE Mars Mission of UAE left for the Red Planet about 7 months ago and has also entered the orbit of Mars today.

The UAE’s Hope vehicle is traveling at a speed of about 120,000 km per hour. In order to get hold of the gravitational force of Mars, UAE scientists kept the engine of the spacecraft running for about 27 minutes. It has succeeded in entering the orbit of Mars in its first attempt.

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58 missions to Mars in 61 years

In 61 years, 58 missions have been sent to Mars. So far, the United States has sent the highest number of missions (29), then the Soviet Union / Russia (22) and the European Union (4). At the same time, India, China and UAE have sent 1-1 mission to Mars.

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