Emirates Mars Mission: HOPE creates history by sending first picture of Mars, sunlight on one side and beautiful red planet in shadow on other side

New Delhi: Hope Mars Space (HOPE) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has entered the orbit of Mars (Mars). Hope has recently sent a picture of his first Mars. After the start of this mission, this picture has become the first of its kind in the history of UAE. That is, this picture is the first picture of Mars taken in the Arab space probe.

Prime Minister shared photo

This photo of Mars has been shared by the Prime Minister of the UAE and the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on his Twitter account. In this picture, the Sun is visible at a distance of about 25,000 km from the surface of Mars.

On one side there is sunlight and on the other side Mars is in darkness

In the picture you can see that Mars is under sunlight on one side and Mars is hidden in darkness on the other side which is a very interesting sight. At the same time, on the part of Mars where light is seen, the largest volcano of our solar system, Olympus Mons can be seen. Apart from this, three other volcanoes in which Ascarius Mons, Pavonis Mons, and Arasia Mons can also be seen.

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Three spacecraft sent to mars

Recently three spacecraft were sent to the planet Mangal. Among them, UAE’s Hope Mars Space became the first spacecraft to reach Mars earlier this month. Now Hope will study the orbit of Mars and the weather pattern of the planet. It will find out better information about our neighboring Red Planet and its weather conditions. Let us tell you that continuous evidence is being collected on the possibility of life on Mars.

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