Backward Spinning Star: A rare occurrence in the universe! The star of this two planetary system is spinning upside down

New Delhi: There are many such incidents that astound astronomers. Usually every star has a direction. The same direction is also for the rotation of the star. But scientists have discovered a system in which stars are moving in the opposite direction of the orbit of the planets orbiting it. Researchers have also found the reason for this.

There are two stars in this system

This amazing system is located 897 light years away from Earth. It is named K2-290. There are three stars in this system and the largest star also has two planets. The name of this major star is K2-290A and this star is moving opposite to the direction of its planetary orbit. Scientists believe that the interstellar line is the alignment of the orbit of its planets and both planets are made up of the same rotating cloud.

Lack of consistency

According to a study published in Procedures of the national academy of sciences, this system was discovered by the team of Simon Albrecht and Maria Horth of Orhus University, Denmark of Orhus University, Denmark. Has Upon further study, the researchers found that the orbits of these planets orbiting their stars are not in sync with the rotation of their stars.

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Rotation axis

Actually the star’s rotation axis is inclined 124 degrees. This shows that the star is moving in the opposite direction of the planets. If it is compared to our solar system, our Sun’s rotating orbit is inclined 6 degrees compared to its planets. Because of this, the direction of the planets’ orbit and the direction of rotation of the sun is the same.

There are many such examples in the universe

This strange situation is not the first in the universe, because it has been observed in many other planetary systems. Scientists say that it is the result of the turmoil between the stars and its planets during construction itself. According to the report of the New Scientist, Albrecht says that whatever nature produces, it is born elsewhere. He explained that the strangeness in such synergy is due to the presence of other stars in the system which put additional gravitational pressure on the disk speed.

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The two planets have synergy

The biggest feature of K2-290 is that both planets are orbiting their stars in the same plane. This shows that something very unusual must have happened at the time of construction. Researchers speculate that this unusual phenomenon may have occurred after a molecular cloud developed. This cloud formed a protoplanetary disk and subsequently formed two planets.

Disc sagging

According to Chris Watson of Queen’s University Belfast, UK, Queen’s University Belfast, UK, orbiting the planets in the same plane means that they were away from their planetary stars due to an unusual event, due to the disc. Might be possible. Therefore, it is important to first find out how the disc forming a star and planets became crooked.

According to Albrecht and his colleagues, the K2-290B star may have been the gravitational effect of the disc being crooked. He told that initially the disc must have been trying to align with the stars.

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